Write for Geek-Speak

Got something you want to geek-out about? We’d love for you to write on Geek-Speak and share your passion with others.
What are we looking for?
Just take a look around the site and you’ll see the variety of subjects we cover. Whether it’s technology, movies, music, sci-fi, blogging, games, or a whole load more, we want to hear from you. If you can’t get a good enough idea from the material we’ve already published, how about using these examples to get your creative juices going?

  • Reviews of a new movie, TV show, game, or console
  • A compilation of cool flash games
  • Website reviews, including the plethora of Twitter tools that are coming out
  • Geek projects – tell us how you turned your mac-mini into a hankie box!

Some Terms and Conditions
Yes, we all know that terms and conditions are tedious, but this will set both our expectations up front.

  • You will be given credit for your work – simply begin your post with a little bit about yourself, a link to your site/social media profile/whatever. Try to keep it brief and snappy to keep the focus on your post rather than on your bio!
  • We may edit your article – whether for layout, length, or to add appropriate links there is always the chance that we may make small changes to your article before publishing it. When this happens we will be sure to let you see it before it goes live on the site.
  • Not all articles will be accepted. Whilst we greatly appreciate all submissions and would love to use them all, we cannot guarantee to do so. Submissions will be selected on the basis of what we feel would be most beneficial to our readers at the time, and on quality of writing. If you are not sure whether a submission would be accepted please feel free to get in touch and discuss your idea. We should be able to give you an indication of whether it is something we think we could use.

Should my article be unique?
Yes please. Search engines penalise sites that publish duplicate content online, so if we publish duplicate content here, or the same content gets published elsewhere, either we (Geek-Speak) or the other site will take a hit in their search rankings.
Submitting your article
When you have an article to submit, just get in touch via the contact form and we’ll give you the e-mail address to mail your work to.
We really are thrilled that you’re considering writing an article for Geek-Speak, and look forward to reading what you have to say.