Turn your writing into music at CodeOrgan

Codeorgan is an odd idea – take a web page and translate it into music. Yes, take a page of text like the one you’re reading and turn it into a musical composition.

How does it work? Probably best to let the Codeorgan guys explain that themselves:

The codeorgan analyses the *body* content of any web page and translates that content into music. The codeorgan uses a complex algorithm to define the key, synth style and drum pattern most appropriate to the page content.

Firstly, the codeorgan scans the page contents and removes all characters not found in the musical scale (A to G), and then analyses the remaining characters to find the most commonly used “note”. If this is an even number the page is translated into the major pentatonic scale of that particular note, it becomes minor if there is an uneven number.

Secondly, the codeorgan defines which synthesiser to use. This is based upon the total number of characters used on the webpage – there are currently 10 synthesiser effects and the one chosen is picked based upon the percentage of content.

Lastly, the codeorgan selects a drum loop based upon the ratio of characters on the page versus the number of characters that are actually musical notes – there are currently 10 different drum loops to pick from.

What’s the point? Well, I don’t think there is one. But then if you think of this as art does there have to be one? It is interesting to see how your site renders as music and with an ever-changing site, like this one, the results will be totally different from day to day.

In the end, though, Codeorgan is an interesting curiosity – not useful, but a bit of fun. Give it  a quick shot and see how your site sounds – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Free .co.uk domain to get your business online

Whenever I want to find out about a company, say to check the services they offer or whether they seem genuine, I usually Google them. Most of the companies I check out have some sort of online presence, but there are still those that don’t. Perhaps some think a website isn’t necessary, but in today’s connected world I’m more and more convinced that everyone should have at least an online “brochure” of sorts.

The Getting British Business Online campaign launched on the 25th of February, and aims to get one hundred thousand UK businesses online within a year. The scheme is backed by the UK Government in partnership with British Telecom and Google. It offers a .co.uk domain name free for two years (after which registration fees apply) and the use of Google Sites to design your website. You can point your domain to your own web hosting if you like too, which is nice for people who find Google Sites a bit basic.

What’s the catch? As far as I can see, there isn’t one. I’m always wary of offers that appear too good to be true, because they usually are, but it seems that this really is an offer of a free domain and site design system. You do agree that you’ll use the site to promote your business, so I’m not sure what would happen if they noticed you were using it for your pet cat’s blog, but that’s fair enough, isn’t it?

If you’ve been putting off setting up an online presence for your business, whether it’s a fully-fledged company or you’re a sole trader working from your garage, check out Getting British Business Online and nab your free website now.

Thanks to James Doc for the head’s up on the GBBO scheme.