Friday Fun: The Slow Mo Guys

No game this week… instead, this week’s Friday Fun is a video from the Slow Mo Guys. If you’ve ever wondered what a bursting water balloon looks like in slow motion, popcorn, or a flaming tennis ball (yes really!)  you need to check out their YouTube channel.

The one I want to show you today involves a watermelon and hundreds of rubber bands. I really want to try this out :)


Friday Fun: How to speak geek

So, what is geek-speak!? This instructional video will explain it all for you :) You will need Flash and, yes, you will need sound.

There we go… feel free to practice your geek-speaking skills in the comments.

Friday Fun: Still Alive [video]

I recently downloaded the Portal sounds app for my iPhone, and it’s kind of reignited my interest in Valve’s Portal game. If you haven’t played it, you need to get a copy now! And you might not want to play either of these videos.

If you have played it, or you’re not too worried about knowing about the end, carry on…

The two videos below are of the song that plays at the end of Portal. The first is an absolutely brilliant typography, and the second is the song rendered as if played on an 8-bit computer. I could listen to the (non 8-bit) song all day, and watch the typography over and over. So, for a bit of a different Friday Fun, hit play, put the sound on, and enjoy a bit of geeky music :)

Friday Fun: Reload, press play

We’ve previously had a Friday Fun called “You have to burn the rope”, possibly the easiest end-game boss ever. Henrik Nåmark, a musician and video game fanatic from Sweden, is the guy behind the excellent credits music for that game, and this week’s Friday Fun is another of his songs.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic, some days, to be able to reload a savegame and start over? Enjoy the song :)

Internet statistics to blow your mind

I’m a bit of an internet statistics junkie – I actually enjoy checking the visitor stats for this site. When I send out an e-mail newsletter it interests me to see how many where opened and what content people found the most useful.

Mashable posted a great video on Friday that outlines some statistics on Internet use, and I wanted to share that with you here:

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

There are some amazing numbers there: 81% of all e-mail is spam!? Thank goodness for spam filters. I was (for some reason) surprised to see that there are more Internet users in Europe than the US. I don’t know why, but I often think of the US as being the market to crack… but perhaps I’ve been ignoring European users. Of course, then there are the massive numbers in Asia to be considered too!

The huge amount of traffic Facebook receives is just mind blowing, although I can see why that would be the case given the social networking, applications and games offered there. That massive user base is one of the reasons Geek-Speak has a Facebook page too – you have to go where the people are if you want them to hear about you!

I’m also a bit surprised that just over half of all web pages are blogs, according to the video! If ever there was an indication of the massive take-up of blogging, that’s it. Sure, I guess a lot of those are failed or failing blogs (ones that the owner hasn’t written on for a long period of time) but it certainly shows there’s an interest in people setting up their own piece of blogging real-estate.

What went through your mind when you watched the video? Did anything surprise you? Is there anything you’d dispute? I’ve love to know what you think, so please leave a comment!

The birth of the kilt [Video: Friday Fun]

If the comments on YouTube are to be believed, this video is highly offensive to Scots. But for those of us who are blessed with a sense of humour, it’s just brilliantly funny (and, yes, I am Scottish).

Enjoy some of Michael McIntyre’s classic humour as you prepare for the weekend :)

Not entirely suitable for work, as it needs sound and has a wee bit of swearing in it.

This post’s thumbnail image was used under creative commons license, and is originally by Hobo!

Video: The Beyond Blogging Project

A couple of days ago I wrote about a free report from Mike Cliffe-Jones and Nathan Hangen, co-authors of an upcoming book called Beyond Blogging.

Well, today Mike and Nathan have released a video that talks about how the project got going and how they worked together. It’s interesting from the point of view of getting a bit of background on this particular project, but also as it gives some insight into how this kind of thing works. If you’re ever likely to work collaboratively with someone online, or are thinking of starting a similar project you should definitely check it out. Heck, even if you’re not thinking along those lines at the moment, still check it out and see if it sparks some ideas in you!

The video can be found here, and is totally free to watch… just as the report was (and is) totally free to download.

Beyond Blogging is out on the 28th of December – expect a review soon!

Disclosure: Links to Beyond Blogging in this post are affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase the book I will earn a commission from your sale. However, I’d add again, the video is totally free and there’s no obligation to make a purchase at a later date. If you want to spread the word about what promises to be an excellent resource, you can sign up as an affiliate here.

Friday Fun: Twouble with Twitters

This week’s Friday Fun is a rather amusing video about Twitter addiction…

You will need Flash and, perhaps obviously, sound for this one :)

Friday Fun: What People Do

Thanks to Mr Gadget for sending this one my way – if you’re at the end of a hard week, this will cheer you up!

Warning: has sound, and requires flash

The thumbnail image for this post is by Black Glenn and is used under creative commons license.

Hear an orchestra playing video game music

I got an e-mail from my friend Stuart yesterday asking me to go to a concert with him in Glasgow in June. Unfortunately, it’s the same night as another friend’s farewell party as she heads off to London, but Stuart’s e-mail was incredibly tempting: he asked me to go to Video Games Live.

Video Games Live is a concert of music from, you guessed it, video games. From Pong to the Halo series, and all played by a proper, full on orchestra. Accompanying the music is a stage show, featuring people acting out scenes from some of the games, a multimedia presentation, and laser show. I don’t think it could get any geekier, or more tempting!

The UK tour date this year is, as I said, in Glasgow on 26th June. Head down there and leave a comment about it. Go on, make me jealous!