Get good food delivered to your door [UK]

Graze Box of fruit and nibblesWorking all day in an office? Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end? What do you eat to keep those energy levels up? If you’re anything like me there will be a good number of sugary snacks in the mix somewhere which, whilst good for quick bursts of energy, aren’t exactly the healthiest option.

A few years ago I discovered Graze, a company that will package up small boxes of fruit, nuts, berries, and other goodies, and deliver them to you in the post! How cool, tasty snack treats arriving in the mail. You can have them delivered to your house or to your office for snacking throughout the day. I stopped getting them for a while, but I notice they have just unveiled a range of dips and dippers that tempted me to resurrect my account.

Each Graze box is nutritionally balanced (note: it won’t replace meals!) and designed not to give you that sugar rush followed by a crash. If you get something in the box you don’t like, just pop onto the Graze website and rate the items so that they will have more of an idea what to send you next time.

I’ve signed up for the grazeeatwell box, which costs just £3.49, but you can pick from a variety of boxes containing things like a range of small nibbles, or foods with a low GI rating. The box is recyclable too, so as well as eating well you’ll be able to reduce your environmental impact by popping it in the recycle bin.

If you’re in the UK, and you want a tasty snack delivered to your door, give Graze a go. You can try Graze out for free, and receive your second box at a discount, by using this code when signing up: MN3J7VP. Enjoy!

Full disclosure: using the discount code will, as well as getting you a free box followed by a discounted one, earn me £1 off my next box. Obviously I’d be really pleased if you chose to use it :)