Friday Fun: The Guacamole Song

I didn’t intend to use this for Friday Fun this week (got a good game to post about too – that’ll come next week), but I couldn’t pass this up. Rhett tweeted about this new song on Thursday evening and, well, it’s just so catchy! Whether you like guacamole or not, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the fun of this song.

Usual warnings: Needs flash, and you really can’t watch it with the sound off.

To watch in high quality, click here and select the high quality option.

Rhett & Link: The Internet Overdose Song

I’ve said before how much I like Rhett and Link – they’re fantastically creative and funny guys. Here’s one of their latest offerings: the Internet overdose song.

If you have so many microblogs you can’t keep track of which is which, or who is who, this one’s for you :)

Rhett & Link: The dead iPod song

I know, I know! This looks so much like lazy blogging! But I couldn’t let this song pass me by. I promise I won’t post another Rhett & Link song tomorrow.

I’ve long suspected that electronics have a timer in them that knows when the warranty is up… I’ve very rarely had anything fail while under guarantee!

Anyway, enjoy this one :)