Friday Fun Recycled: You have to burn the rope

Ever find yourself trying to complete a game and you just can’t get past that last boss? What, never? Must just be me then.

Anyway, this game won’t give you that problem, just follow this advice: You have to burn the rope. Be aware, there’s sound, and you will need Flash to play the game. Oh, and do hang on for the end credits :)

You have to burn the rope

Friday Fun: Reload, press play

We’ve previously had a Friday Fun called “You have to burn the rope”, possibly the easiest end-game boss ever. Henrik NÃ¥mark, a musician and video game fanatic from Sweden, is the guy behind the excellent credits music for that game, and this week’s Friday Fun is another of his songs.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic, some days, to be able to reload a savegame and start over? Enjoy the song :)