Friday Fun: Live Puzzle

Chess board jigsaw

Jigsaws can be fun, but I have to admit that I get frustrated easily with them. Live Puzzle is a slightly different take on jigsaws, in that the picture is moving while you’re trying to solve the puzzle. In some ways, that makes it a bit more difficult but, once you get used to it, it’s kind of cool to be able to see whether a piece fits by holding it in place and watching the animation.

You’ll need Flash to play this, and there is sound (the music is particularly annoying, so I switched it off).

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Friday Fun: Vehicles

Cars on platforms

This week’s Friday Fun is a puzzle game – help the “good” cars push the “bad” cars off the screen and earn a gold star if your score is high enough.

You’ll have to work out the right order to do things in, and I’ve been stuck more than once on some of the trickier levels.

You need Flash to play, and you can safely put the sound off.

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Friday Fun: Magic Pen

Magic PenMagic Pen is a surprisingly fun flash-based game where you have to get a red circle to roll to a flag. You do this by drawing elements on the page… ramps, structures, hinges, and circles… to push, hit, and roll the ball to its destination.

This is great fun, and there’s something nice about drawing your course in fake crayon :) Of course, if you’re looking for a more serious angle, this is also a great way to learn about physics, but I’m guessing you’re here to play, not learn!

Have a look, and enjoy some Friday Fun. Requires Flash.

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Friday Fun: Atomic Puzzle 2

Atoms arranged in a grid

Here’s your chance to pretend you’re some sort of scientist by playing around with molecules. If anyone asks what you’re doing, just tell them it’s research.

The point of Atomic Puzzle 2 is to eliminate all the atoms by removing just a few with your mouse. Atoms of the same colour, with another atom in the middle, are the key to this game. Remove that middle atom, and the other two will vanish. But do it in the wrong order, and you’ll be left with some spare at the end.

Have fun, and remember… research ;)

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The Lost City [iOS Review]

The Lost City screenshotBack in 1993, a game called Myst came out that totally changed my idea of what could be achieved in video games. This was a time of poor graphics (although we thought they were excellent) and bleepy sound effects. It was the heyday of Sonic the Hedgehog and consoles like the Super Nintendo. Myst, with its beautifully rendered scenes and fiendishly difficult puzzles, was like a breath of fresh air. It looked amazing, and played like nothing else I had experienced.

Jump forward to the present day, and I recently downloaded The Lost City on my iPhone. It’s a puzzle game that places you in an ancient and abandoned city and has you solving puzzles to try and bring the area back to life. Just like Myst, the screens are pre-rendered and take on a beautiful, almost artistic look. The objects and elements within each screen comprise the puzzles and, believe me, you’ll resort to the hints and tips guide more than once!

The gameplay is a weird mix of linear and non-linear. The early puzzles felt like I was moving along a simple path to some (undefined) ultimate goal, but as I moved on I found I would have to go back and make changes to what I had already done. It felt sort of like I was moving in circles, or undoing perfectly good work, but the more I think about it the more I think it’s an interesting dynamic to introduce. It makes you think about the effects of your earlier actions, and not just put them out of your mind as soon as you complete each puzzle.

The Lost City is a beautiful little game, taxing on the mind but very satisfying when you work out how to get past a particularly tricky section. If you resort to using the hints and tips you should get through it in a few hours – more if you’re determined to work it out all by yourself.

The Lost City costs 69 pence and is available from the App Store for iOS devices.

Friday Fun: 3 Slices

This week’s Friday Fun is a simple puzzle game – you have to remove as much red as possible from the screen by making three slices. Gravity plays its part, and the key is to make your cuts in the right places for the red blocks (or parts of them) to drop off the screen.

You will need Flash to play and, if you already have it installed, should see the game below.

Friday Fun: One Step Back

Game screenshot showing a man running round a maze with several other figures chasing him - One Step Back

Explore the mind of a man stuck with his memories- only by forgetting the past can he advance.

Riiight – this sounds interesting… I wonder how that’s going to work in a Flash game? Well, it’s one of those where your actions come back to haunt you. Each level of this game sees you moving from entry to exit, but the exit only opens after a certain amount of time. That’s fine, except that you are also being followed by a “ghost” of your past actions. Where you jumped, the ghost will jump. Where you moved left or right, the ghost will move left or right. And if the ghost touches you… you have to start the level again.

The tricky part comes when the exit doesn’t open for a lengthier period of time, and the entrance has pumped out two or three ghosts. It gets quite crowded, and you have to think carefully about where you’re going to move to avoid meeting yourself again.

Oh, I know, it sounds a bit confusing. Just give it a go and it will all make sense :) You will need Flash to play, and there is some nice relaxing music to keep you chilled out.

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Friday Fun: One and One Story

One and One Story - game screenshotAh, true love. Nothing can get in the way of it… not even deadly spikes, falls from a height or constantly changing game mechanics. Which is handy, really, because those are some of the things you’ll encounter in this week’s Friday Fun.

The idea is to get the two characters to meet up with each other, avoiding the aforementioned spikes and falls, and coping with the fact that the game changes as the characters’ relationship evolves. One moment you can control each independently, the next you can only control one, and so on.

It’s a fun puzzle game, and kind of sweet at the same time.

You’ll need Flash to play.

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Friday Fun: Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Prizma Puzzle Challenes

This week’s Friday Fun is a challenging version of connect-the-dots. Move from point to point to get from start to finish in under the required number of hops… but watch out for the obstacles that are put in your way.

You will need Flash to play, and there is sound but it can be put off without affecting gameplay if you need to be quiet.

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Friday Fun: Factory Balls 2

Bit of a puzzler this week – the idea of this week’s Friday Fun is to create patterned balls which match the template you’ve been given. You can dip them in paint, mask them with tape, use various objects as stencils and so on but you’ll have to work out the right steps in the right order to reach your goal.

This is a great puzzle, and much more relaxing than some of the action-orientated games we feature!

You’ll need Flash, and there is sound but it is not vital to the game.

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