Cool BlackBerry Apps


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Following my review of the BlackBerry Bold 9000, I thought it would be helpful to review some apps that are readily available – probably through BlackBerry App World.

  • BBNotePad is a simple notepad that saves files in TXT format and integrates with the Memo app, it’s really useful for making a quick note.
  • BBTran translates text to and from many languages currently with a choice of four providers, including Google and SYSTRAN.
  • For a while I’d been looking for a good tracking app, but there were no free ones, not that is until I found beGPS one – definitely worth having!
  • BerryAnnoying has a small price tag, but gives you the opportunity of silencing the camera shutter sound.
  • BuzzMe simply enables you to have ringer and vibration at the same time.
  • Evernote is fairly well-known and there is now a BlackBerry app!
  • Facebook is a useful free app if you use this increasingly popular social media site.
  • File Manager Pro is not a free app, but is very useful – especially because you can save favourite folders.
  • Flickr! has an app for the BlackBerry, but it’s not one that I use very much.
  • FreeRange is an app I use nearly every day – it’s a free RSS feed reader for up to 10 feeds, and it has the advantage that you can create an account and manage the feeds from your desktop computer.
  • That brings me alphabetically to Google! If you use Gmail then the Gmail app is essential. If not, you still need Google Maps and Google Mobile App – both free!
  • Need a free spreadsheet on your BlackBerry? Look no further than GridMagic!
  • Opera Mini is an excellent alternative to the supplied browser, and has the added advantage that you can synchronise bookmarks with the desktop version.
  • QuickPull saves you having to remove the battery to do a complete reset!
  • ScratchPad and SnapScreen are not free (if I remember correctly) and are a clipboard extender and screenshot tool respectively.
  • TwitterBerry is a great app for Twitterers.
  • Last, but not least, is YouVersion which gives you access to more online versions of the Bible than you can shake a stick at!