Explore your Flickr Photos with Biscuit Tin [iPhone]

Biscuit Tin

Flickr is a great tool for storing and displaying your photos but, after a while, the sheer number of images in your photostream starts to get a bit overwhelming. If you’ve very disciplined with tagging and organising your photos into sets then you can probably cope with more photos than I can, but I have to admit that my discipline in that area is a little lacking.

The problem is that this means I have a load of photos on there and I only look at a small proportion of them – the others have sort of faded into obscurity. With paper photos there was always a chance that you’d stumble across the obscure ones whilst sorting out a drawer, but I find that much less likely with digital snaps.

Biscuit Tin is an iPhone app that interfaces with Flickr and lets you view your photostream in an innovative way… just shake the phone and it’ll select a random image to display in your “biscuit tin”. It’s simple but does what it does well: shake, as I’ve already mentioned, rearrange your photos, or double-tap on one to zoom in on it. You can even tip the “tin” in different directions to see your photos move around. My only problem with it is that it was sometimes a bit slow to pick up when I was shaking the phone, thinking instead that I was just tipping it. Restarting my phone seemed to sort that out, so I wonder if it was just a memory issue.

This is, to be honest, one of those apps that’s so simple you almost wonder if it’s worth it! But I have to say I’ve discovered some great photos from the depths of my Flickr account that I’d forgotten about and it’s worth the (free) download just for that!

Give Biscuit Tin a shot and rediscover your old photos!

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Finally – Picasa on Mac

I like iPhoto. It’s free and it does a decent job of cataloguing my photos. I also like Canon’s Digital Photo Professional which came with my camera… it catalogues my photos too, and lets me adjust RAW images to my heart’s content. But one program I missed from my PC days was Google’s Picasa, yet another image cataloguing and editing app.

Picasa image library

Well Picasa has finally made it onto the Mac. As with many of Google’s products, it’s a “beta” release, but it seems very stable and polished. In fact, it seems just like the PC version.

It quickly and easily added the images on my computer to the Picasa library, and even handled it well when I added my external hard drive to the scan list (which contains a couple of gigabytes of large images). Before I knew it I was up and running and playing around with the creative options, like this “polaroid” collage.

If you’ve used Picasa before you’ll know what to expect. If you haven’t give it a look and see how it suits you.

Visiting picasa.google.com should auto-detect which version of Picasa you need.

Manbabies.com – photos to freak you out

On one level Manbabies.com is so simple I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it. Swap the heads over in a photograph and you’ve got a funny image. The photoshop skills of some of Manbabies’ contributors are amazing; the heads have been swapped over brilliantly to the point where they’re actually more than a little freaky!

I have to say, this is by far my favourite :)

ManBabies.com - Dad?
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Take a look and start your working week off with a giggle!