Salvos appeal for help with Victoria bushfire appeal

Firstly a few apologies: 1 – that there was no post on Wednesday because my Internet connection had died and I hadn’t remembered to schedule one in advance. 2 – this isn’t the normal geekery that you’ve come to expect here, but I think it is important.

No doubt you’ve seen on the news the horrific ordeals being endured by people caught up in bushfires in Victoria, Australia. The loss of life and property is huge, and various aid agencies are working hard to make a difference in the middle of all this.

The Salvation Army: Bushfire Appeal

One group that’s involved is The Salvation Army, or the Salvos as they’re more commonly known in Australia. Their own press release says everything I wanted to, so have a read of this and then consider popping over to their site and donating to help with their work:

— Press Release Begins —
The Salvation Army has today launched an appeal to assist the victims of the bushfires which have been raging across the state and to help fund the Salvos’ emergency response to this disaster. With hundreds of families impacted severely by the loss of lives and homes, the needs for immediate support, counselling and practical assistance will be enormous.

The Salvation Army provides material and financial assistance in times of emergency and will be doing so again in this instance. Individuals and families who have lost homes can contact The Salvation Army personnel at the various relief centres across the state to receive emergency financial assistance. These immediate grants are to complement any State and Federal assistance which may be made available, and are designed to enable people to purchase clothing and personal items for themselves and their families.

The Salvation Army recognises that many families and individuals are doing it tough in terms of the financial crisis, but calls upon those who are able to make financial donations to support this Appeal as a very practical means of assisting those in our community who have lost so much.

Cash donations are the preferred method of supporting bushfire victims. It enables people the flexibility to purchase what they need in the first instance. Donations can be made to The Salvation Army’s Victorian Bushfire Appeal by calling 13 SALVOS (137258) or by going online to Donations are tax deductible.

The Salvation Army is also at the front line at bushfire locations across the state helping the enormous number of men and women who are fighting the fires. Working in partnership with CFA and the Emergency Services, volunteer Salvo teams are providing food and drink refreshments to thousands of fire fighters. They are also providing immediate counsel and practical support to victims who are congregating at relief centres across the state.
— Ends —

You can find plenty of statistics, images, and other material at The Salvation Army’s website. Please do head on over and donate even just a little cash to help them continue helping others. Please also help to spread the word by promoting this in StumbleUpon, Tweeting about it on Twitter, or mention it on your blog.