Friday Fun: SCGMD4

Super Crazy Guitar Mania Deluxe 4 screenshot

¬†And the award for most unwieldy game title goes to… ((opens envelope)) … Super Crazy Guitar Mania Deluxe 4!

If you’ve played any of the Guitar Hero games, you’ll know what to expect here. Play along to the tune by hitting the right buttons at the right time… obviously you’ll be using a keyboard rather than a mock guitar. It’s surprisingly gratifying when you pull off a complex rhythm or combo.

You will need Flash and, while sound is not strictly required to play, the game is more than a little pointless without it :)

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Friday Fun: Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

And the winner of “longest game name this week” is… Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2! Come on up here and give us a speech…

Think of it as a keyboard version of guitar hero and you’ll be on the right track with this one. Just follow the instructions on-screen as you play along to backing tracks. You will need Flash and, obviously, sound… so not really one for work, I’m afraid.

Still, it’s good fun so give it a go!

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Friday Fun: Guitar Master

Warning: This game requires flash and is by far best played with sound.

How about some music-related gaming to unwind at the end of a hard week? If you’re a fan of Guitar Hero, or perhaps if you like the idea but have never got around to playing, this will tickle your fancy. It’s Guitar Hero without the plastic guitar!

Just hit the right key on your keyboard as each “note” reached the bottom of the fretboard, and away you go. Have fun – just don’t get caught playing when you should be working ;)

Guitar master - click to play
Guitar Master – click image to play

Play Guitar with Songsterr

GuitarsImage by Thomas Hawk

The guitar, like many instruments, is easy to learn but very hard to master. There are, however, plenty of books, teachers, and websites designed to help budding guitarists move from Guitar Hero to something a little more challenging :)

Songsterr is one of those sites that seems very simple on the surface; instead of just displaying chords, Songsterr plays them as well so you can get a feel for a song before having a go yourself. You can even control when the song moves on to the next chord if you want to go at a different pace to the default.

Now, I know other sites exist that do a similar thing, but most of the ones I have found expect you to pay for the privilege – whereas Songster is free. Yes, I’m Scottish, so “free” is always a bonus in my mind!

What are the big advantages to Songsterr then?

  • It’s free!
  • It’s simple – just a press of a button moves you on to the next chord
  • It sounds decent – each song sounds vaguely like it’s meant to, as opposed to some terrible, cheesy, generic sound

And the disadvantages?

  • “Proof of concept” – that phrase always worries me, because the site looks good but what if it never gets beyond the “proof of concept” stage?
  • Still undergoing development – not all of the features are up and running yet (more on this later)
  • Limited song library – there are only nine songs available at the moment

What about those developing features? Well, these will be very handy if they materialise. A song editor, to let you create your own songs… Guitar Learning Assistant, to help you with fingering, picking style, and so on… and an audio recorder so you can sing along and get an mp3 of your performance. Not too shabby.

Songsterr markets itself as a service for guitar players, songwriters, and for just playing around with (a la Guitar Hero). It remains to be seen whether the service will take off, but I can certainly see it appealing to all three demographics.

Check it out, and keep checking back for new features. This could be one to watch!