Friday Fun: Live Puzzle

Chess board jigsaw

Jigsaws can be fun, but I have to admit that I get frustrated easily with them. Live Puzzle is a slightly different take on jigsaws, in that the picture is moving while you’re trying to solve the puzzle. In some ways, that makes it a bit more difficult but, once you get used to it, it’s kind of cool to be able to see whether a piece fits by holding it in place and watching the animation.

You’ll need Flash to play this, and there is sound (the music is particularly annoying, so I switched it off).

–> Click to Play Live Puzzle <–

Friday Fun Recycled: You have to burn the rope

Ever find yourself trying to complete a game and you just can’t get past that last boss? What, never? Must just be me then.

Anyway, this game won’t give you that problem, just follow this advice: You have to burn the rope. Be aware, there’s sound, and you will need Flash to play the game. Oh, and do hang on for the end credits :)

You have to burn the rope

What’s in your pocket?

What's in your pocket?

I remember a period of time, when I was a child, where my sister kept finding money in her pockets. I think it was only something like 50p a time, but that seemed like a lot of money then. I’m not sure whether it was always the same 50p but, for a couple of weeks, she would regularly be surprised to find that she had some extra money she hadn’t previously known about.

Even today, it’s still a great feeling when I open my wallet to find a £5 I’d forgotten about. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice when it does.

MoneySupermarket recently ran a little experiment to see how people would react if they were told £20 had been found in their pocket at the dry cleaner. Pop on over to to see what happened! The last time I went to the dry cleaners was with one of my daughter’s dresses, and I was told, “You know, sometimes these things melt” (seriously)… I think I would have fainted if they’d said they found £20.

Those little wins can make a big difference, and MoneySupermarket have given some bloggers, myself included, £20 to spend on something with the feel-good factor. I’ve mentioned Kim & Jason Kotecki before, and their quest to rid the world of the curse of ‘adultitis’. So I thought I would spend my £20 on a subscription to their Cheap Family Fun videos. This is a series of short videos with ideas for building fun memories as a family… that won’t cost the earth. Given that a trip to the cinema can cost upwards of £20, and only lasts a couple of hours, it seems like spending $20 on 52 weeks’ worth of fun ideas makes sense!

So far I’ve watched the first video and started hiding a particular small toy in various places around the house. Whoever finds the toy gets to hide it again… and so the game continues. Simple fun, and hopefully something the kids will remember with fondness in future years.

Oh yes, I did say Cheap Family Fun costs $20, or around £13. So what did I spend the rest on? Well, all I’ll say is the entire family enjoys chocolate :)

Friday Fun: Saving the bacon

Saving the bacon - pig catching money

Happy Friday all – you know what that means… some Friday Fun. This week it’s a fun little savings game from – just catch the coins, avoid the other stuff (you’ll lose money), and don’t forget to bank what you’ve caught to keep it safe.

There’s also a competition where the highest score wins some nice goodies, but you’ll have to be quick to catch it – it ends on December 23rd.

Still, even once the competition ends, I’m sure you’ll be entertained :)

–> Click to Play <–

Friday Fun: Sketch-Out

Sketch-Out gameThis week’s Friday Fun is a reworking of the classic game Breakout. Protect your sphere from incoming projectiles, while trying to bounce them back at your opponent.

You can either bounce them back using the standard paddle, or draw barriers between the two spheres. You can only have one barrier at a time, though.

This game uses HTML5, so you will need an up to date browser.

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Friday Fun: Chilled-out gaming

Aah, Friday. It’s nearly the weekend, when you can relax a little. In preparation for that, I’m not going to post a new game today… but point you to an old Geek-Speak post. This list of chilled-out games was immensely popular when it was first written, and I think it deserves another moment in the spotlight.

Check out “Take a chill pill and click” for some relaxing games. My favourite is Boomshine. What’s yours?

Friday Fun: Bloons Tower Defence 5

Why fiddle with an already popular theme? Balloon popping monkeys? Check. Balloon popping monkeys? Check.

It’s Bloons Tower Defence 5.

You will need Flash to play… and I’m sure you know what to do…

–> Click to Play <–

Friday Fun: Connect 4

Connect 4 board

You’ll need a friend for this week’s Friday Fun – it’s a 2-player game of the classic Connect 4. This one’s HTML 5, so you don’t need Flash installed but do need one of the latest generation of web browsers.

You know how to play this, don’t you? If you need a refresher, you take turns to drop your counters in the top of the grid and attempt to make a line of 4… horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The tricky part comes where you have to make your own line while trying to stop your opponent doing the same.

–> Click to Play <–

Friday Fun: Angry Birds

Angry BirdsYou’re bound to have seen, or at least heard of, Angry Birds – the avian-themed physics game. Did you know it’s available to play online, for free? It’s intended as a technology showcase for Google’s Chrome browser, but I’ve tried it in Safari and Firefox with good results too (sorry, haven’t tried it in Internet Explorer). This is an HTML5 game, so will require one of the most recent browser versions.

So, if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, or if you just want a quick game without having to get your phone out, click on the link below and have fun. There is sound… so probably best not to do this at work ;)

–> Play Angry Birds <–

Friday Fun: Death vs Monstars 2

Death vs Monstars 2 game screenshot

OK, that sounds like quite a freaky title for a game but it’s not that bad. Death vs Monstars 2 is a simple little game where you fly around the screen trying to avoid incoming enemies. You’re constantly shooting back and, in a strange way, aim by moving away from your enemies. It took me a little time to get used to it… while you can also lock your aim by clicking the mouse button.

The key to survival is to pick up the coins and use them to upgrade. You won’t last long if you just stick with your basic abilities, so get collecting… and then get shopping.

You’ll need Flash to play Death vs Monstars 2. Sorry, no HTML5 goodness this week.

–> Play Death vs Monstars 2 <–