Friday Fun: Sushi Cat

Sushi cat screenshotFriday Fun this week is a bizarre game where the aim is to help a cat get as fat as possible so that he can meet his dream “girl” (she’s actually another cat, in case you were wondering).

Drop him in at the top of the screen and he’ll fall down like one of those fairground coin-drop games, eating any sushi he meets on the way. The game isn’t too long, so you’ll be able to complete it fairly quickly. It’s nice and entertaining, though, and has a good mix of easy and more difficult levels.

It uses flash and has sound, but you can put the sound off if you like. Have fun!

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Friday Fun: Snake

Snake - the classic mobile phone game

Some retro gaming for you this week – mobile phone retro gaming at that, too. This week’s Friday Fun is Snake, which was a staple of mobile gaming before mobiles got all fancy and clever.

You’ll need Flash to play. See if it brings back memories for you!

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Friday Fun: The Slow Mo Guys

No game this week… instead, this week’s Friday Fun is a video from the Slow Mo Guys. If you’ve ever wondered what a bursting water balloon looks like in slow motion, popcorn, or a flaming tennis ball (yes really!)  you need to check out their YouTube channel.

The one I want to show you today involves a watermelon and hundreds of rubber bands. I really want to try this out :)


Friday Fun: Qwop

Computer generated athlete running on track

Sports fever has hit Britain! Actually, it’s been a pretty good sporting summer, with the usual Wimbledon tournament, Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France, and the London Olympics (where Mr Wiggins triumphed again).

So let’s go all sporty today. This week’s Friday Fun is Qwop – a fiendishly difficult athletics game. You control a runner using the Q and W keys to move his thighs, and O and P to move his calves. It takes coordination and timing, and you’ll end up doing more than a few backflips before landing on your head.

Speaking of which, I managed to get to 11 metres before keeling over… after plenty of practice! Why not post your best distance in the comments?

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Ice Breaker [Friday Fun]

Ice breaker

Ice Breaker is another physics-based puzzle game that has you rescuing Vikings who’ve been frozen in ice. How do you do that? Cut the ice up and guide it towards the Viking ship where the captain will break it up and free his crew-mates. Eventually you’ll move on to tougher problems involving ropes and pivots but, in the end, it’s all a case of working out how that bit of ice you’ve just cut free will fall…

A great distraction!

–> Click to Play (requires Flash and has sound) <–

Friday Fun: Qbeez

Not much explanation needed here – it’ll be pretty obvious when you get into the game. But I’ll explain anyway :) Just click on groups of two or more “Qbeez” to clear the grid before the timer runs out.

Uses flash, and has sound – though you can put the sound off without losing much of the experience.


Friday Fun: Command & Conquer Alliances

Command & Conquer game - view of a base

You know, I used to love playing Dune 2 on the PC. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? It was a realtime strategy game based on the Dune books – and the forerunner of the entire top-down realtime strategy genre. Seriously, Dune 2 is where it all started before the developers, Westwood Studios, went on to make Command & Conquer.

You can still get your hands on plenty of Command & Conquer games, but if you’re after a bit of in-browser gaming there’s a version for that too: Command & Conquer Alliances.

You’ll play against other people, or form alliances with them and, while it lacks some of the flair of the realtime games, it’s still fun to play. You won’t be building an army of Mammoth Tanks and rushing a NOD base, but there’s plenty here to keep C&C fans happy.

One word of warning, this is not a quick game. There’s every chance you’ll keep coming back for a long time.

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Friday Fun: Hey Hey 16k

OK, you need sound (and Flash) this week… today’s Friday Fun is a song all about the halcyon days of 16k computers.

I was talking to one of the parents at nursery the other day about how tech has changed since we were little… how we lived during the time of black & white tellys, before the World Wide Web, and when the remote on the video recorder was attached by a cable.

And, of course, the computers :) Ah, they were great… I learned to program on a C64. So turn up the sound, play the video below, and enjoy the nostalgia!

Hey Hey 16kFor more of the funniest videos, click here

Friday Fun: King’s Game

Firing a cannonball

When I was little, half the fun of building a castle out of cardboard boxes was the joy of knocking it all down again. This week’s Friday Fun lets you knock down castles to your heart’s content – just line up the cannon, set the power and POW!

Unless you miss, of course, in which case the opposing king will take a shot at you.

Think Angry Birds with cannonballs… and no pigs. Come to think of it, just forget about the Angry Birds and enjoy the game ;)

You’ll need Flash and there is sound.

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Friday Fun: Magic Pen

Magic PenMagic Pen is a surprisingly fun flash-based game where you have to get a red circle to roll to a flag. You do this by drawing elements on the page… ramps, structures, hinges, and circles… to push, hit, and roll the ball to its destination.

This is great fun, and there’s something nice about drawing your course in fake crayon :) Of course, if you’re looking for a more serious angle, this is also a great way to learn about physics, but I’m guessing you’re here to play, not learn!

Have a look, and enjoy some Friday Fun. Requires Flash.

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