Twitter vs Facebook, which would you have?

Let’s try something new today, a quick and easy question for you. If you had to choose between Facebook or Twitter, which would you have?

Would you miss the ease of tweeting? The games and applications of Facebook? Is there a killer feature of one of this pair that you just couldn’t live without?

Tell us in the comments! And ask as many of your friends to chip in with their opinion too (if you’re on Twitter you can use the re-tweet button below). I’d be really interested to see which one, Twitter or Facebook, comes out top.

Call for conversation: Which Twitter Client?

Seesmic Desktop

Let’s try something new, a “call for conversation” if you like :) Comments are most definitely welcomed and if you know anyone who would like to offer an opinion please forward this posts’ address to them!

I just have a simple question. If you’re a Twitter user, which client do you use? Are you a purist (web-interface only)? Is TweetDeck your thing? Or do you tweet on the move with Twittelator? And while we’re thinking about it why not tell us what made you choose your particular client as well?

To kick things off, my preferred desktop client is Seesmic Desktop – an Adobe Air application that’s still pretty young (i.e. there are some features that are missing, like the ability to follow users in the application) but still manages to keep me coming back. I like that it can handle two or more Twitter accounts, but also has multiple columns and user groups.

And on mobile? I love Tweetie on iPhone – just because it’s simple and does everything I need it to with very little fuss.

So, over to you… what’s your favourite client? And what makes it so? Debate away :)