Author: Chris Hinton

May 18, 2009 Off

A Theremin is not a headache cure

By Chris Hinton

The Theremin is an amazing musical instrument invented in the early 20th century and played simply by waving your hands around near it. Here we have a great video of one being put through its paces.

May 4, 2009 Off

The Future Now…

By Chris Hinton

Join in the conversation by telling us what technology you see today that you dreamed of as a child… and what do you dream of today?

March 11, 2009 Off

The power of networking

By Chris Hinton

What’s the value of networking with other blogs? Can they drive traffic to your site whilst also benefiting themselves? Some thoughts on recent traffic from

November 17, 2008 Off

Are realistic games TOO realistic?

By Chris Hinton

In the quest for realism, are games designers trying too hard to pack detail into their graphics? Does that level of detail make things more or less realistic? What do you think?