Why isn’t there a “geeks anonymous” group around here? You know, something to help people with an unnatural interest in technology, cables, and sci-fi manage their habit? The kind of people who would buy a soldering iron just because they didn’t have one and might need to solder something one day…

Headshot of Chris

Anyway, my name is Chris. I’m 40-something, married, with two children. I’m mad on new technology, sci-fi, and motorsport. I tend to post on a whole load of random stuff, purely because my interests are so wide!

Geek-speak is about all the stuff that interests me, from television, to technology, to whatever else happens to be on my mind on any particular day. One day it’ll be games, another it’ll be tech, perhaps even cars! Enjoy… discuss… or not. It’s entirely up to you 🙂 I also post on Twitter – why not follow me and connect there too?

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