Xbox Live: Ask your parent to sign in “error”

Getting the “ask your parent to sign in” message when logging in to Xbox LIVE? Here’s how we solved it.

My son recently got an Xbox One and, as he’s under 18, it’s set up that I have to give permission for him to play online. Just the other day (Saturday, to be precise) he started to see a message saying he needed a responsible adult to sign in before he could play online.

He was able to click “Skip this for now” but I suspect that wouldn’t have worked indefinitely. We also struggled to find what to do about it, since the permissions through my adult account on the Microsoft Family Settings said he was able to play online games already.

So what’s the solution? If we logged in to using my son’s account we got a message saying a parent had to give consent in order to complete his account set up. We then followed the process through, generating an email to my address, and I was able to log in as myself and grant permission for him to play online. It’s important to note that he’s had an account for a few years now (he used to play on my console) and has played online with no issues up to now, so this is a recent change and it turns out it is related to the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) that are coming in across the European Union.

So there we go. If your child suddenly started getting this message recently when they try to log in to Xbox LIVE, try logging in to the Family dashboard as your child and see if they also get the message saying they need you to complete consent. Now that we have, my son’s back up and running again.

4 thoughts on “Xbox Live: Ask your parent to sign in “error”

  1. My son is also getting this message. I have tried logging him on on the computer to the family dashboard and myself but it isn’t asking him or myself for consent. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kerry. Oddly enough, we had to do this again today with my daughter’s account and I followed the same steps I wrote about here (successfully). The only thing I would suggest checking is that your son is set up as part of your Microsoft Family?
      When I logged my daughter in, it actually gave me the choice of emailing either myself or my wife.

      1. Hi
        He is in my family. I tried removing him then adding him back in but still nothing. The message now says I have until 18/8 to give consent!! You would think it would be easy enough to do but why make things simple! Cheers though!

        1. Bizarre; that’s all I had to do :/ I don’t think Microsoft is known for making things simple, unfortunately!
          If you do find a solution, could you let us know what you did? I’m interested 🙂

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