Terrapin Leather Case for iPhone SE [Review]

Terrapin Leather Case for iPhone SEYou don’t need me to remind you how much I love my gadgets; if you’ve been reading Geek-Speak for any length of time you’ll know that already! You may also know that I like my gadgets “naked”, without a cover or case. I think the design of technology these days has progressed to the point where gadgets look good on their own, not as if they’re there purely to fulfil a function.

When you drop a “naked” device, though, things can go really wrong really quickly. No cover means no protection and, since I’m not made of money, I can’t really afford to keep breaking things just because I don’t want to spoil the way they look.

Because I still want my gadgets to look good, I spend quite a bit of time choosing covers and cases, so when I was contacted by the people at Terrapin Accessories to see if I would like to review one of their cases, I spent quite a while looking through the range before deciding on the one I’d like to try. I finally settled on a leather wallet case for my iPhone 5S (which, I have to say, I’m very pleased is the same size as the more recent iPhone SE!)

Real Leather

I love leather. If I can’t have my gadgets in their nude state, a nice leather case is usually a close second. There’s something lovely about real leather that lends an air of quality, and the Terrapin Leather iPhone SE Wallet is no different. It feels nice in my hand, and I’m a little surprised at what you get for £12.95 (at the time of writing).

You get genuine leather, nicely finished, with a solid clip to hold the phone in place. The clip is plastic and finished in a sort of soft matte effect that feels and looks much better than if it had been shiny.

If I’m using this kind of phone case I like to fold the front of it back while I’m making a call, and I was a little worried that I’d see some damage pretty quickly. Just over a week of abuse, though, folded back several times per day, and all I’m seeing are some very light creases at the top and bottom of the spine. The creases very quickly flatten out when the case is closed again, so I’m hopeful they will continue to do so in the long term.

Wallet Space

The wallet itself has space for two bank cards (or more if you don’t mind squeezing them in) and one or two larger items like money or, perhaps, business cards. It’s certainly more than enough for heading out on a day to day basis but if your wallet usually ends up fat with receipts and other random stuff, you’ll struggle! This might be just the driver you need to make sure you’re not carrying unnecessary stuff in your wallet or, like me, you may end up using the Wallet Case as a phone case, and still carrying a wallet as well.

Is it worth it?


Come on, it’s £12.95 for a really nice genuine leather mobile phone case. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find something this nice for a better price and, if I hadn’t been sent one for free, I’d gladly pay that price to have one.

Terrapin Cases are sold via Amazon, but you can have a look at their website to see the whole range. If you’re interested in buying your own Leather Wallet iPhone SE Case, here’s the direct link to Amazon.

Disclosure: Terrapin Accessories provided a free review unit for the purposes of writing this article. There was no requirement to give a positive review, and I would not accept a review with that sort of requirement attached. You can be sure that what I have written here is what I really think.

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