Taga 2.0 Family Bike Kickstarter

Taga 2.0 Family Bike Kickstarter

May 19, 2016 Off By David Lumm

David Lumm is a professional programmer and all round geek with a passion for taking complex things and making them simple.

When you become a parent it’s inevitable that your priorities and perspective change; whilst we still get excited by the same things that excited us before, we also get excited by things that perhaps wouldn’t have interested us before we were parents. It’s in that vein that I noticed the pre-kickstarter adverts for the Taga 2.0 on Facebook – there’s a good chance that you saw them too. As a parent and an occasional cyclist I found the concept of a purpose built family bike intriguing, especially given the chance of getting such a capable bike for a mere $599 (or about £410).

If you haven’t seen the advert, or maybe if you just scrolled past it, you might not realise just how interesting this bike is, so let me tell you a little. First of all, you’ve got the tub at the front, a bit like the dutch bikes, but has three wheels with the front two moving independently of the cargo tub; much easier to steer and balance, much shorter too.

Various Taga bike options

Also, unlike using a bike designed for cargo, this one has proper fixed seats. No screwing, cable-tying or cargo-strapping here. And yes, seats, plural. Two seats which can be arranged in a variety of configurations. Facing forward, facing the parent, facing each other. You can even mount a car seat, if your car seat has buggy mounting points. And you can still use it to carry cargo if you want/need to.

Taga - man going shopping

Both me and my wife have bikes, and we have a trailer for our son, but we can’t go on long bike rides at the moment because our puppy couldn’t walk alongside us for very long before getting tired and we don’t really want to have to leave her behind. A bike like this could open up many more possibilities: they could share the front seating where I can keep an eye on them or we could still pull the trailer behind us. And of course there’s still room for growth, with two seats in the front and the option for more behind.

Taga - woman cycling with two children

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be trying to haul that many children I might need help. Good news! There’s also an optional E-Bike add on. My current bike is a pedal-assisted e-bike and I love being able to get to my destination without being soaked in sweat, how good would it be to transport the family and still be relaxed?

On the subject of being relaxed, you might be interested to know about the Accessory Bar in the middle of the front tub. You can fix all sorts to it, cup holders, iPads, even water guns…

Man with child in carry compartment
I’ll be the pilot, you be the gunner

There’s a lot to love about this bike, even at it’s expected retail price of $999 (approximately £685), but some of the current deals on the Taga 2.0 Kickstarter campaign are even more appealing. (Please note that the $599 offers are already sold old!)

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details and to grab yourself a bargain, they’ve already raised 10 times their original goal so there’s no fear of the project not being funded.

Here’s the video if you’re not quite ready to leave yet:

Taga - man cycling with his dog

Would you be interested in a bike that can seat 3? Would you cycle more if you could fit your children/dog/cargo comfortably in/on the bike? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.