Loot Crate: Versus

Oops, I’m a bit later than normal in writing about the latest Loot Crate… but here we go anyway. The theme this month is Vs (or Versus).

Loot Crate: Versus - all contents

The whole shebang

So what came in this conflict-themed goody box? Let me tell you in a moment, but I want to explain what Loot Crate is in case you’re unaware. It’s a monthly mystery box containing geek and gaming-related collectables. There is always a t-shirt (that wasn’t the case in the past, but is now), and usually a Loot Crate exclusive item. This might be a modification of something available else where (for example, there was a Groot Pop Figure a while back that had a glow in the dark arm, whereas the ones available in shops lacked that feature).

What’s sometimes funny is when you go out and start to notice people who have the same t-shirt as you… and given that they’re only available from Loot Crate you know they’re also a subscriber. Cue occasional knowing nods!

Right, so what was in the box this month?

Loot Pin: Alien vs PredatorAn Alien vs Predator pin badge. This is pretty nice on its own, but it also comes with a code on the back that gets you a freebie on the Loot Crate website.  If you’re in the US, this month’s freebie is a complimentary VUDU rental, while if you’re outside the US it’s a code to download a comic from ComiXology.

Speaking of comics, this crate also includes a Harley Quinn comic book, with a Loot Crate exclusive cover variant. I’ve discovered a few new comic book series (i.e. new to me) through the ones that come in the crate.

Batman vs Superman walletWith Batman vs Superman being out in cinemas just now, it seems fitting that it makes an appearance in the crate. So there’s a Batman vs Superman wallet made of a tough and thin material called Tyvek.

This month’s t-shirt has a Star Trek theme, and looks like an old-fashioned movie poster for the classic Trek episode “Mirror Mirror”. Why? Well, if you remember the episode, it pits the crew of the Enterprise against villainous counterparts from a mirror universe. Versus… remember?

Loot Crate Hat - PunisherAnother superhero conflict is commemorated with a very nice Daredevil / Punisher hat. This is one I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear when out and about (or, move accurately, my children won’t be embarrassed) and I like the fact that you can turn it inside out for a change of allegiance and look. I’ve put the Punisher thumbnail here (click on it to see it larger) but I’ll put both that and the Daredevil look in the gallery at the end of the post.

Predator vinyl toyThe last thing I want to tell you about is an Alien or Predator vinyl figure. It’s a blind box, so you don’t know which one you have until you open it… I got the Predator which will go nicely on the geek shelf in my office.

So there we go – quite a nice little box this month!

If you would like to receive a monthly Look Crate, you can sign up on the Loot Crate website.

The links to Loot Crate on this page are affiliate links. If you sign up for Loot Crate through one of my links I will receive a reward. Just so you know :)

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