Small Gods and Good Omens

Small Gods and Good Omens

April 16, 2016 Off By Chris Hinton

Well, aren’t blog posts just like busses? You don’t see any for ages and then a group of them come along at once.
I need to add something to my previous post about the Terry Pratchett Memorial, and clarify something that I discovered I had picked up wrongly.

Small Gods

Small Gods Graphic Novel CoverFirstly, I accidentally missed out one of the announcements from the memorial evening. There’s going to be a graphic novel of Small Gods!
Small Gods is a great story about the origins of a monumental religion, and what would happen if the god at the centre of it all actually turned up. You can guess it doesn’t exactly go the way you would think! It’s one of the best Discworld stories (yes, I realise that’s a subjective statement) and should make a great graphic novel.
Small Gods will be available from all good bookshops and comic stores, or can be pre-ordered on Amazon. It is due out on the 28th of July.

Good Omens

The thing I want to clarify is the story of how Neil Gaiman came to be screenwriting Good Omens (which, it seems more and more, is definitely going to be a 6-part series).
The way the story was presented at the memorial made it seem very much like Sir Terry had written a letter asking Neil to take on the project, and that letter was presented to Neil after Sir Terry’s death. It seems I misunderstood (from looking at the newspaper coverage of the evening, it looks like I wasn’t the only one) and Sir Terry made his request in person before his death.
Neil clarified this on his own blog, so I’m pretty confident I’ve got the story straight this time!
However it actually happened, the good news is the Good Omens screenplay is happening, being written by one of the original authors, and with the blessing of the other.
I think that’s everything cleared up… but you never know 🙂