Dunfermline Comic Con 2016 Report

Dunfermline’s first ever Comic Con was a sellout… and plenty of fun!

Crowds at Dunfermline Comic ConDunfermline saw its first ever Comic Con last weekend, taking place in the Glen Pavilion in the town’s Pittencrief Park, and organised by local comic shop, Little Shop of Heroes.
The Comic Con was a sellout, with 2,500 tickets having been snapped up before the day itself. While that made it a little challenging sometimes to work your way through the crowd while keeping an eye on younglings, it certainly gave the place a buzz that all added to the atmosphere. We had a great time as a family… even my wife says she enjoyed herself.
So, what was there to see and do?
Very cool black Mandalorian armourThe first thing that struck us was the cosplay. Batman and Solid Snake greeted us at the entrance to the park, and once we’d made our way down to the pavilion there was an assortment of comic and movie characters wandering around. Harley Quinn seemed to be a very popular choice – there was even a couple wandering round as Harley and the Joker, but the guy was Harley and the girl the Joker!
I was particularly impressed with a chap wearing black Mandalorian armour near the entrance – I’m sure it must get tiring to be posing for people for long periods of time but he had a great sense of humour and would have a joke with you while you were trying to take his photo.
Chewbacca - almost looks like the real thing!Our two children got some great photos too of themselves posing with groups of Jedi and my son, who was dressed as Chewbacca was wowed by someone in a very realistic Chewy costume!
Outside of the cosplayers there was a plethora of stalls selling original artwork, prints, postcards, jewellery and… I think… pickled dragons. Many of the stallholders were comic book artists, and it was amazing to be able to chat with artists who have worked on such titles as Saltire, the Doctor Who comic, Daleks, Judge Dredd and Dan Dare!
Neil Slorance, who has worked on the Doctor Who comic produced a special Dunfermline Comic Con cover which was only available for purchase on the day. Neil was happy to sign the cover for you, and to have a chat while doing so. I can honestly say I was impressed at just how nice the artists were in the face of a horde of excited geeks.
The second hall hosted more stalls, and a replica of the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones) which you could have your photo taken on. There was also a David Tennant lookalike posing for photos with convention-goers in front of a full-size TARDIS and Dalek. The Doctor also engaged in some education, taking the opportunity to explain the order of the planets in the Solar System. That’s kind of etched in my mind, because I got grabbed from the audience to hold the Sun up. Apparently he needed “someone big”… I’m not sure if I’m offended or not!
The whole day was great fun. Taking photos of, and with, the cosplayers was a real highlight for the children, as was talking to some of the artists for me. We picked up some merchandise – me and my son bought some really nice prints, and my daughter got some new My Little Pony goodies.
I think the truest verdict of a day like this comes when you’re walking back to the car and ask the dreaded question, “So, did you enjoy that?”
The answer? Yesses all round! We’re already looking forward to next year!
More information can be found on Facebook. Check out the Little Shop of Heroes and Dunfermline Comic Con pages for more, and news about next time as and when it becomes available.