ZType – Mavis Beacon Meets Space Invaders

ZType typing game screenshotLearning to type accurately and quickly is a genuinely useful skill; it enables you to get ideas down on computer with speed, transcribe audio, or just write that report that’s been on your to-do list for ages. Sure you can type with one finger on each hand, but it’s definitely less of a chore if you’ve learned your way around the keyboard and, perhaps, even learned to touch-type (typing without having to look at the keyboard).

When I was a teenager the premier software for learning how to type was Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. It did the job very well, but I don’t recall it being a whole load of fun.

The other day, however, I came across ZType – a cool game that combines typing and space combat… of sorts. Ships head towards you, each marked with a word. You type the word to shoot at and destroy the ships. It’s that simple!

ZType doesn’t teach you to type quickly; it’s more of a test of your typing skill. It’s surprisingly good fun!

Head on over to the ZType website and give it a go. You’ll need a modern browser as the game uses HTML5.

Have fun!

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