Riker Ipsum – a World of Will Riker Quotes

Riker Ipsum - dummy text using quotes from Will Riker

Riker Ipsum: Dummy text using pearls of wisdom from Commander Riker

When designing a website, it’s usual to want to show what that site will look like when it contains text. The problem with that is, what text do you use? If you use something meaningful, like a passage from a book, people can end up spending time reading the content rather than paying attention to reviewing the design.

One solution to this is to use Lorem Ipsum text; a passage that look like Latin but is actually completely meaningless. Using Lorem Ipsum allows you to show what text will look like without distracting people with “real” text.

If you want to be a little geeky with it, though, there’s a website that generates sample text composed entirely of quotes from Commander Will Riker (Star Trek: The Next Generation). You’ll have to be careful not to use it inappropriately – I wouldn’t use it for some of my web design clients, for example – but if you can get away with a bit of fun it might be useful.

Actually, sometimes it’s just fun to click the buttons and see what comes out.

Find the Riker Ipsum tool at http://www.rikeripsum.com/

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