Loot Crate: Dead

Ah, Loot Crate. I do love the time of month when the postman knocks at the door and hands me a little black box of goodies.

If you’re unaware, Loot Crate is a monthly mystery box containing geek and gaming-themed collectables. There is always a t-shirt (that wasn’t the case in the past, but is now), and usually a Loot Crate exclusive item. This might be a modification of something available else where (for example, there was a Groot Pop Figure a while back that had a glow in the dark arm, whereas the ones available in shops lacked that feature).

All contents of the Loot Crate: Dead crate

The whole shebang

Well, in case you wondered where I was going with this, this month’s Loot Crate arrived earlier this week. The theme is… Dead.

Yep, Dead. It’s a mix of Deadpool and The Walking Dead items, so what else were they going to call it? More to the point though, what did it contain?

First, the t-shirt. Always my first port of call when looking at the contents, and this month doesn’t disappoint. It’s a cool Deadpool shirt and will get an outing very soon! You can see it in the picture above that shows all the contents of the box.

Daryl from The Walking Dead mini figure

Daryl from The Walking Dead

Then we have a couple of Walking Dead items. One is soap on a rope made to look like Daryl’s walker-ear necklace, and the other is a mystery Walking Dead mini figure. Not a LEGO minifig, mind you, although the base does have stud-holes that look like they would be compatible. Mine was Daryl holding his crossbow.

One of the things I think is really nice this month is a Q-Pop vinyl figure of Deadpool being blown along by an explosion… or leaping from an explosion… or having caused an explosion. I don’t know. But it’s cool and will suite quite nicely on the collectables shelf in my office.

Deadpool Figure

Deadpool Figure

Now that I come to think of it, I wonder what people must think when I’m taking part in a video conference and they see all this stuff behind me? They’re probably too polite to say anything.

And, of course, there’s the usual accompanying booklet/magazine and a badge. Loot Crate recently changed from lapel fitting badges (where the pin lies parallel with the back of the badge) to push-pin type badges. I have to admit I never wear them, but harboured plans to display them somehow. The push-pin types will be much easier to line up in a display, so I’m rather pleased they made the change.

All of this starts at $26 per month, plus shipping and handling. There’s also a monthly Mega Crate that contains some really spectacular goodies like gadgets, consoles, televisions, etc., but I reckon the odds of winning that are so small I don’t pay it much attention – for me it’s the monthly collectables that I love. My children also love it when the box arrives, as they really enjoy going through it and seeing what there is.

To find out more, or to subscribe for yourself, head on over to the Loot Crate website.

The links to Loot Crate on this page are affiliate links. If you sign up for Loot Crate through one of my links I will receive a reward. Just so you know :)

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