Building LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set in Timelapse

Watch me build the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who TARDIS playset at breakneck speed.

I bought myself a little present around Christmas; the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set. I haven’t had a chance to build it up until now, and I thought I’d film the process and create a timelapse.
Hope you enjoy it!

As you can see, the set includes Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s Doctors, Clara Owsald, a Weeping Angel, and Two Daleks. The TARDIS console room is really nicely done, especially the console itself. I was quite impressed at the nifty way the set accommodated the idea of the TARDIS being bigger inside than outside with the unfolding Police Box.
If you’re looking for your own one of these, you can find them at most good local toy shops or online on or