LG Wireless Charger [Review / Promotional]

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There’s nothing new about wireless charging. Although it might appear to be a new concept, it’s something that Nikola Tesla looked at in the early 20th century, back at the dawn of the electrical age; it drove him to poverty and perhaps a touch of insanity. He believed electricity should be free and wireless. We’re finally catching up – at least with the wireless part.

It’s been around in some forms for a few years, for instance electric toothbrushes. When we’re talking wireless, we’re not talking about a “wireless” kettle, where it physically connects to the base; there is no physical metal connection to make the circuit. This is ideal for a toothbrush, water and electricity don’t mix well, but obviously has other great applications.

My last three phones have had this capability to some extent, but I’ve never tried this with a phone. Looking back I had a Palm Pre2, which was ahead of it’s time in many ways. It had wireless charging built in, but I never tried it because I couldn’t justify the cost of the base; the battery life was great and I didn’t need to have it plugged in all the time, which brings me nicely to my next phone.

The Samsung S3 was a phone that did need to be plugged in all the time. If you wanted to make sure you had enough battery for those important selfie moments you had to keep the phone charged whenever you had the opportunity. The problem with the S3 is that it was technically capable, but it didn’t have all the hardware. You had to buy an additional case (which wasn’t available when the phone launched) and the base station. So despite how useful it might have been, the barrier was great enough to prevent me going down that road.

And so to my current phone, the LG G3. It’s a great phone, I’m very happy! It has all of the necessary hardware for wireless charging built in, all you need is the base station. Having got into the habit of constantly charging my phone, this is obviously a great solution. I can just put it on a base/stand and forget about it. And the cost? That doesn’t need to be a problem any more, because Mobile Fun are currently running a promotion!

The Official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger is usually £59.99 but is available at half price (£29.99) with the code “HALFG3” whilst stocks last. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give it a try!

LG Wireless Charger

Whilst the stand is Qi compatible, it is sold as an LG specific stand, with no guarantee that it will fit your other Qi-enabled devices. If you own a G3 and often leave your phone in one place, e.g. whilst sat at a desk, it’s a no-brainer.

The only potential problem that I found with it was using it with my case. With the case on it generally complains that it isn’t charging at full speed, although it still gets the job done pretty quickly. Taking the case off can solve this, but for me it’s not really worth it.

What I do love is that when it is fully charged it will simply stop asking the base for power, unlike the damage that can be done by leaving a phone constantly plugged in. Much more responsible!

If you have this phone, it’s definitely worth considering buying the stand for that sort of money. If you have other Qi devices it might still be worthwhile having a go, although I can’t guarantee that it will work. It’s a nice lightweight stand, it folds up small (hugely portable) and it looks great. What’s not to love?

Have you used wireless charging? Would you ever consider getting a base station specific to a brand or model? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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