Aranez Leather Samsung Galaxy S4 Case [review]

Aranez Leather Flip Galaxy S4 Case (open)About 4 months ago my wife upgraded her phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 (a very nice phone, by the way – and that’s coming from me as an avowed iPhone user!). Just after that, Arnold Aranez from offered to let us try out one of his premium leather phone cases. What follows are my own observations, and my wife’s feedback on the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 case.


The first thing that strikes you with the Aranez S4 case is the styling. It’s a simple, understated look but, at the same time, classy. The stitching adds a nice little highlight, while the embossed ‘Aranez’ logo is a nice touch.

The inside of the case is a rather nice suede material in light grey, which looks nice in contrast to the outside.

If there’s one complaint, it comes from my wife who says she would like to see other colours available.


Aranez Leather Galaxy S4 case (closed)The case is made out of soft cow leather, and it feels great in the hand. The flip cover is held on by two thin leather straps that, to be honest, both my wife and I thought might not last very long. Just today, though, she commented that she had been surprised that they had held up just fine and showed no signs of giving way. Why are there two small strips rather than one large one? Well, that means there’s still a space in the middle of the case to charge your phone without having to leave the case open.

There are 4 clips holding the phone in place, and they do so nice and securely without getting in the way of the phone’s functions. The hold the S4 by the corners, so all the buttons are left free.

One nice feature is the debit card / ID holder on the inside of the flip cover. This is perfect for when you want to head out to the shops but don’t want to carry too much with you – just stick your card in there and you’re good to go. It does have it’s downside when you remember you had something you needed in your purse but that’s more about planning than the case itself!

In terms of padding and protection – it feels as if the leather outer would give a good degree of protection in case of a drop, but at the same time the case doesn’t add too much in terms of bulk.


Aranez Leather Flip Galaxy S4 Case (interior)Ah price – always the important question, isn’t it? We were provided with a free review sample but the full price of the Aranez S4 case is $59.95 at the time of writing. That comes in at £37 (again, at time of writing – remember the exchange rate may change) which, for a premium quality leather case, isn’t bad at all.

If you’re thinking you could get something similar more cheaply, you’re probably right, but what you’re paying for here is the material (premium cow leather) and some very nice styling.


Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Case is a classy design and, so far, has stood well again the punishment of constant phone use and the daily ordeal of being kept in a handbag! It’s well thought out, and looks and feels good but, perhaps, could benefit from some additional colour options.

The price puts it outside of the “casual purchase” range, but if you’re looking for a premium case for your precious smartphone, I think this is well worth considering.

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