SupaRobotAttack – coming soon

Jason Bradbury, well known geek and co-presenter of The Gadget Show has launched a new project… Robot fighting!

Supa Robot Attack logoPut any ideas you might have got from programmes like Robot Wars out of your head – these are bipedal robots going at it like boxers in a ring. Think Robby the Robot having a punch up with Marvin the Paranoid Android and you’re probably on the right track, although it has to be said the robots in the promotional video look way better than either of those two.

Robots have been imported from South Korea, although Jason and his team have also set up a UK-based supply line with Jason drawing parts on his tablet, which are then converted into CAD by 21yr old Will, and produced by KMF manufacturing in Stoke.

The promo video is online now (and embedded below) with the first fight happening tomorrow (Thursday 8th August). Expect plenty of colourful characters – both in terms of the celebrity guests and the fighters themselves. For now, Jason and his team are working hard on filming, coming up with new fighters and moves, and developing the fight format.

It looks like this is going to be great! Check out the promo reel below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the SupaRobotAttack YouTube channel if you like what you see. I know I will be.

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