Groovy Cable [Review]

David Lumm is a professional programmer and all round geek with a passion for making technology simple.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect wires. I have cables for devices that have long since gone to the bits and bobs drawer in the sky; many of these are for connectors that nothing uses any more, but still I keep them… just in case…

The strange thing is that when I need a specific cable it suddenly becomes very hard to find it, especially if I’ve put it “somewhere safe”. This can become a particular problem when dealing with multiple devices, especially the ones that don’t use micro-usb.

In my day job I often work with multiple devices, including an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S3 and occasionally a Nokia Lumia 520. I can guarantee that whenever I need to pull out one of these devices it will be flat, and so begins the hunt for the relevant cable.

And so it is I was offered the chance to review the so-called Groovy Cable, a 4-in-1 super cable. Yes please, thank you kindly!


This cable has a standard usb connector at one end, like nearly all charging cables do these days, with three separate connectors for different devices at the other end. If you have any level of numeracy you’re probably trying to work out how three ends becomes 4-in-1. I know I thought about it for a while!

We have the fairly standard micro-usb, the once standard 30-pin Apple connector and the new Apple lightening connector. That’s just three, but the fourth one is pure magic, turn the apple 30-pin over and it is also a Galaxy Tab connector. That does mean that although it may be four in one, you can only charge three at once – but to be honest you’d probably struggle to give each device enough power if you had four plugged in.

So can you charge more than one at once? Oh yes, you certainly can. But this is where the one drawback of this cable comes in; it’s very very short. It’s by far the shortest charging cable I’ve ever seen. If you can pile your devices up, that’ll help.

If you’re using a laptop with usb ports on the side or a powered usb hub on your desk then you’ll have no problems with the length, otherwise you may find you have an issue with devices dangling from a usb port, and that won’t do the cable or your devices any good.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the cable, it’s a great one to take when travelling as it covers a multitude of devices and doesn’t take up much room, plus even if you don’t have all the devices (you, like me, may not have need of the lightning connector, for instance) it may give you a chance to be someone’s hero.

If you’re looking for a spare charging cable for any reason, the Groovy Cable would definitely be worth a bit of investigation.

What do you do to manage all your cables and keep them close at hand?

Thanks to LoveCases for providing this review product. LoveCases sell a range of cases and accessories for all your devices including the iPod Touch 5th Gen.

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  1. I use a cable that has three adapters hinged to the end, so it’ll work in Android, iDevice or Mini USB… but it’ll only work in one of those at a time. This cable looks handy though – it would be good to be able to charge several devices at once.

    I was going to post a link to my cable, but I can’t find it online anywhere!

  2. I think it’s pretty useful to have an all-purpose charger laying around, whatever form that takes, so that you’re always covered. Although the lightening connector in this one was no use for me, I’m still impressed that it’s in there at all!

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