Champagne iPhone 5S on the way?

Three cases purported to be iPhone 5Ss in black, grey and champagne.This is a guest post by Will Judd.

Since the dawn of time*, the iPhone has come in two colours: black and white. This year, it looks like that trend is finally set to be broken with the release of both the colourful iPhone 5C and the flagship iPhone 5S.

Surprisingly, it’s not just the iPhone 5C that will be offered in new colours, reminiscent of Apple’s iPod lineup. The iPhone 5S will also be offered in a couple of new colours, if recent rumours are to be believed.

The first rumour is that the phone will be available in a new gold colour. Earlier rumours pointed towards a rather eye-catching full gold colouring, but as the potential announcement date of September 10th has grown near it seems that a more mature champagne colour seems more likely. Regardless, swag-bound personages are likely to welcome the new option, although makers of gold iPhone 5 cases and respray operations will likely resent the loss in business.

Sim trays in multiple coloursOur second rumour is more recent, stating that the iPhone 5S will also come in a graphite colour between the traditional white and black. The evidence for this seems a bit thinner, with only hearsay and a grey coloured sim tray being posited as proof the colour option. Regardless, if Apple are set to unveil a new colour then a second isn’t really too unbelievable.

Either way, the first time we’ll really know for sure will be when  Apple have their iPhone event. A lot of rumours have pinned this on September 10th, but with no press invitation as of yet that date can’t be relied upon. Typically invitations are sent out with a week’s notice, so we’d expect to hear about it by next week, on September 3rd.

What do you make of the new iPhone colours – would you buy one? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading the article and have a great day!

*a slight exaggeration

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  1. I thought the idea of a champagne coloured iPhone sounded terrible, but the pictures don’t look too bad. I think I’ll be going for black, if I get one at all, though.

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