Ah Knightmare, how I've missed you

As part of YouTube’s Geek Week, the classic children’s TV show gets a remake.

Remember Knightmare? If you’re around the same age as me (mid-30s) you might have watched this great TV show after school. It was sort of a video game that people physically played… or a visual version of those “choose your own adventure” books.
Well, for YouTube’s Geek Week, Knightmare has been remade. And not in some sort of reboot, completely-different-from-the-original way… it’s just a new episode with members of the original cast and some YouTube personalities.
It’s a real blast from the past, and I certainly enjoyed watching this all new episode after all this time. Check it out in the embedded video below:

What are you thinking? Happy memories? Or is it just terrible? Let us know in the comments.