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I can’t really remember when Samsung became the Android powerhouse it now clearly is. It wasn’t always that way, I don’t really remember Samsung being much of a player in this market at all three or four years ago; but now if you’re in the market for an Android device or at the very least anything not-Apple, you’d be foolish not to give Samsung a look.

I love my S3, despite it being so much larger than any phone I’ve ever owned (I’d wager it’s even bigger than the Sony Ericsson P900 I used for a while) it is just so useful. That’s partly to do with the incredible improvements to Android over the years and the great apps available, but of course the hardware has been a huge selling point of the Samsung range.

It’s the vast range of devices in their range that fascinates me, everything from basic Android handsets to the top of the range S3; then there’s the phablets (I think the S3 only narrowly escapes being a phablet itself) and tablets great and small. Whatever you need Samsung have a device that will suit.

I’m particularly impressed by the Note range; when I was looking for a new phone it was a toss-up between the original Galaxy Note and an S3, and the S3 won by a whisker. I like how you can use your fingers or the pen, I like how you can use it to do so much.

Right now I have the S3 that I use for most things and access to a first generation iPad that doesn’t get much use at work, I’ve also got a fairly ancient 7 inch chinese Android tablet that I bought before Android tablets were cool. It doesn’t get much use, but that’s mostly because of it’s age. Most of the apps I use just don’t work on it anymore.

One of these days I’m going to get myself a new tablet and it’ll probably come from the Samsung range. I like the size/shape of my 7 inch tablet, but the iPad has it’s uses too. Decisions, decisions. In my imaginary world I’d have one of each size, but that’ll never happen; so I think for me it’ll be the Galaxy Note 8.0. It just seems to be that perfect balance between usability and holdability.

The other good thing about picking a Samsung device is the wide array of Galaxy Note 8.0 accessories available, despite this still being a relatively new device! It certainly gives me confidence knowing that I’ll be able to protect it and make the most of it without spending as much on accessories as I spent on the device itself.

What’s your dream device at the moment? Tempt us in the comments.

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  1. Dream device? There’s always a list! :)

    I’m looking out for the next iteration of the iPhone (presumably the 5S) as I’m due an upgrade at the end of the year.

    The big device I want to buy is a new SLR camera – partly because I want to get more serious with my photography.

    For tablets? We have an iPad (gen 1) in the house, but when it came time to buy one for my business I decided to buy the Galaxy Note 10.1. I was impressed with its looks, and the Android operating system. Oh, and I like drawing with the pen :)

  2. There is indeed always a list. The very nature of gadgets I suppose, you buy one and the next one is coming out.
    I was looking at the Google Nexus range and a rumour is that they are releasing upgrades to the 7 and 10 this year with improvements again. I did fancy the 10 as it had the highest resolution on the market at one point. But I think I will wait and see what the new range look like.
    Of course unless something else rears its head and I am tempted. :-)

  3. I like the Nexus range, they’re definitely very tempting too; but being Google products they’re “pure” Android and I like some of the added value from people like Samsung and HTC.

    I’m also very tempted by all the home automation stuff that’s getting better and better.

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