Galaxy Note 10.1 Ultra Thin Folio Case [Review]

Can a new case make it easier to read books on a tablet? That’s what we were hoping for from this folio case.

Galaxy Note Folio CaseI’ve always said you can’t beat sitting down with a proper, old fashioned, paper book. There’s something about the smell of a new book, and the physical feeling of turning the pages that’s just missing from the current range of eReaders and tablet devices.
Having said that, I do find myself being slowly and irresistibly drawn to reading on my Galaxy Note tablet because the books are cheaper and quicker to buy than their physical counterparts. There are some books I just won’t buy electronically (like my collection of Terry Pratchett novels), but more and more of my reading is becoming electronic.
One of the books I bought recently was a technical manual, but every time I tried to prop my tablet up on my desk, it would fall over. That made it really difficult to have the manual open at the same time as trying to work on the computer, so I started to look around for a case that would hold my Galaxy Note upright,  and this is what I found: a Galaxy Note 10.1. Ultra Thin Folio Case.
I had a bit of a giggle when the package arrived and, written on the back was, “We are specializing in producing leather case”. It reminded me of some of the funny mistranslations I’d seen online, and sort of highlighted the fact that this case was made in China. Nothing wrong with that, I just mention it because I happened to notice.
The product description wasn’t kidding when it says this case is “ultra thin”.  It’s maybe 4 or 5mm thick, so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your tablet. This matters to me – I travel quite a lot, so I don’t want something that’s going to take up too much room in my bag.
While thin, the folio case is also hard, so will offer a good degree of protection to your device. I don’t think it would fare too well if dropped – there’s not much padding – but if you’re just looking to protect against scratches and general wear & tear, this is a good bet.
The Galaxy Note 10.1 is attached to the case by means of a large sticky pad which, if I’m honest, I found quite difficult to use. If you don’t line your tablet up perfectly first time, you have to pull pretty hard to get it off again.  That’ll turn out to be important later on, but it was a real hassle at first. There are holes in the case for the microphone, camera, and headphone jack, and the best I’ve managed is to get two out of three of these lined up (the microphone lost out). You might say I just didn’t do it right, but I think the microphone slot is actually slightly out of place.
But how does this case do at what I wanted from it? Does it actually make it easier to read and type? Well, yes. Just fold half of the case up and it becomes a little stand that’s actually quite sturdy. The sticky pad that caused me some grief earlier now turns out to be well thought out and holds the Note in place while upright.
So, what’s the verdict? I think this is a good buy – the quality pretty much matches the £15 price tag. Let that guide your expectations – this isn’t a premium leather case, but represents good value protection for the money.  It certainly stands up well to other Galaxy Note 10.1 cases I’ve tried, and it fulfils my primary requirements of being able to prop my electronic books up while working.
The Galaxy Note 10.1 Ultra Thin Folio Case is available from for £14.95 at the time of writing.