Is Apple working on an iOS watch?

This is a guest post by Will Judd.

While most of the internet has light up over additional details over Apple’s purported smart watch, there was also some fairly compelling news this week about one of the future’s best-selling phones: the successor to the iPhone 5.

According to rumours published by PocketNow and 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5S will indeed follow the iPhone 5. Like the iPhone 4S to the 4, the 5S will be an iterative upgrade that keeps the same external design and appearance as the iPhone 5, but will include upgraded internal components to keep the phone feeling up to date. Hopefully Apple will avoid the situation with the iPhone 4S and 4, where some models have minutely different button layouts that necessitated whole new iPhone 4S cases to be made.

The iPhone 5S will include a number of hardware improvements, but one of the most important will be the processor. The iPhone 5S will include the same A6X processor as in the iPad 4, offering a much stronger performing smartphone that should destroy most benchmarks.

The iPhone 5S is also expected to come with an improved camera. After many years at 8 megapixels, might it finally be time for Apple to make the leap to 13 megapixels? We are seeing 13 megapixel models from pretty much all Android manufacturers (except for HTC, who have daringly gone with a four megapixel sensor utilising massive pixels on the HTC One), but then again Apple has never been one to follow trends. Apple has also been rumoured to shift from an f/2.4 camera to an f/2.0 one, but that’s also unconfirmed.

One rather left-field observation that’s making a comeback is the idea that the iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint scanner under the home button. This will reportedly improve security and usability, although specific use-cases (beyond the obvious touch to unlock) aren’t specified in the rumours (published, fittingly, by MacRumors).

I guess we won’t know anything for sure about the iPhone 5S until it is announced (or not) at Apple’s next big event. With a release date of August seeming likely, we’ve definitely got many more months of rumours and leaks ahead of us.

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  1. I had heard the rumours of an Apple watch product and I am sure I have even seen some mock ups Online. I always classified it as the same as the Facebook phone rumour, but we will have to see. I hope that Apple make the changes to the I phone 5 worthwhile for avid followers as it needs to show progress and not just be a series of small changes that make the outlay unnecessary. We will wait with bated breath as the Samsung S4 is about to break as well with photos out there, etc. The OS war continues.
    Maybe JJ Abrams should take this as the next Star Wars film title, “The OS Wars Continued” “Help me Apple one Kanobi”, “Or should I rely on the Droids”

    We will see.

    Ian Thomson

    • Oh dear… those puns are terrible :)

      I’ve seen people who’ve turned their iPod Nano into a watch (it’s already the right size, and just needed a strap) but I’d be very surprised to see Apple actually come out with a watch. Who knows, but I’m not convinced. Mind, I wasn’t convinced by rumours of the iPad Mini either, so it just shows how much I know.

      iPhone 5… I’m not holding out much hope for a major upgrade, to be honest. I’m due to replace my iPhone 4S just after the 5S’ rumoured release date, and I’ve got used to the fact that the ‘S’ revisions are normally fairly small upgrades to whatever came before. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple saved anything big for the iPhone 6, whenever that comes out.

      The Samsung S4 will be an interesting one to watch. The S3 is already a great phone, and I really like my Note 10.1. tablet.

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