Coffitivity – Coffee shop sounds to increase your creativity

Working alone can be lonely and quiet… can playing coffee shop sounds help you work better?

Coffitivity - coffee shop sounds at homeHome working can be a great thing – you get to work in your pyjamas for a start (I don’t recommend you make a habit of it, though). You are also free to many of the distractions of the workplace, like idle conversations with colleagues and random interruptions. There is a downside, though – working from home can be lonely, and it can beĀ too quiet.

The creators of Coffitivity realised that the ambience of a coffee shop is actually a great help in getting the creative juices going, and in getting work done. The mixture of calm and commotion is apparently just right for encouraging creativity, so they came up with an idea to let you play the sounds of a coffee shop while you work.
It’s simple, really – just visit and the sound will start. It’s non-specific, so you won’t be able to overhear people’s conversations, but you do get the impression that there are people around, doing what people do in coffee shops. For best results, Coffitivity recommend playing your own music over the top of their soundtrack, just slightly louder than the coffee shop sounds.
Does it work? Well, a soundtrack is never going to be a full replacement for working in a coffee shop. You lack the physical ambience, the smells and, of course, the coffee and cakes! But it does quickly form a sort of white noise background to whatever you’re doing. I’m not sure yet whether it is actually helpful (I’m running it as I write this), but it’s an interesting idea that I’m willing to try out for a while.
Why not swing on by and see what you think? If you have other people around you, you might want to put headphones in, but I’d be very interested to know whether you think Coffitivity is helpful, distracting, or just silly. Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Coffitivity – Coffee shop sounds to increase your creativity

  1. An interesting thought and it did intrigue me. I visited the site and listened to the noise and played my music as well. Found myself constantly wanting to turn my music down so I could here the background noise and be a part of what was happening. So in essence I found it a wee bit distracting. I think in a actual coffee shop, you are aware of the noise and because vision plays a part you know what is happening where the noise is coming from so you not so distracted. I assume however if I played it for long enough it would just become ambient noise that I would block out whilst still being aware of it.
    Interesting thing for someone to do.
    Ian……………………………………… to go and make that coffee.

    1. I’m finding that there are occasional sounds that make me wonder what’s going on. I swear there’s a man bleating like a sheep at random intervals!

  2. I am now becoming addicted to this and have found the balance of music and noise. It is on all the time in the background. I think I may have a coffee machine as well to get the full atmosphere. I am definitely addicted to this.
    You are right about the noises though, some are very strange.

  3. Thought I would update this, found myself having a meeting in a Costa coffee shop recently and became conscious that I was listening for some of the sounds that I hear from this program running in the background. the clashing of plates, the burst of laughter. The non descript talking all a round. I have now gone full circle and use this at home in my office and when out and about I listen for the noises I expect.
    I think I have been brainwashed……………..Mumble……..clash………….laugh………..

    1. I reckon that would be an unintended consequence of working alone for too long – so if you need a “real” coffee break sometime, I would be happy to oblige.

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