What’s in your pocket?

What's in your pocket?

I remember a period of time, when I was a child, where my sister kept finding money in her pockets. I think it was only something like 50p a time, but that seemed like a lot of money then. I’m not sure whether it was always the same 50p but, for a couple of weeks, she would regularly be surprised to find that she had some extra money she hadn’t previously known about.

Even today, it’s still a great feeling when I open my wallet to find a £5 I’d forgotten about. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice when it does.

MoneySupermarket recently ran a little experiment to see how people would react if they were told £20 had been found in their pocket at the dry cleaner. Pop on over to http://www.moneysupermarket.com/epic/pocket-some-extra-cash/ to see what happened! The last time I went to the dry cleaners was with one of my daughter’s dresses, and I was told, “You know, sometimes these things melt” (seriously)… I think I would have fainted if they’d said they found £20.

Those little wins can make a big difference, and MoneySupermarket have given some bloggers, myself included, £20 to spend on something with the feel-good factor. I’ve mentioned Kim & Jason Kotecki before, and their quest to rid the world of the curse of ‘adultitis’. So I thought I would spend my £20 on a subscription to their Cheap Family Fun videos. This is a series of short videos with ideas for building fun memories as a family… that won’t cost the earth. Given that a trip to the cinema can cost upwards of £20, and only lasts a couple of hours, it seems like spending $20 on 52 weeks’ worth of fun ideas makes sense!

So far I’ve watched the first video and started hiding a particular small toy in various places around the house. Whoever finds the toy gets to hide it again… and so the game continues. Simple fun, and hopefully something the kids will remember with fondness in future years.

Oh yes, I did say Cheap Family Fun costs $20, or around £13. So what did I spend the rest on? Well, all I’ll say is the entire family enjoys chocolate :)

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