SGP Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Protector – Review

SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen ProtectorI’m pretty much an Apple-only person. I’m writing this on my iMac. I use my iPhone daily. As a family, we bought a generation 1 iPad, which still does great service around the house. However, I recently decided I wanted to learn more about the world of Android, so I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet for use in my work as an IT consultant.

I have to say, I’m very pleased with it. I don’t think it will pull me away from the Cult of Mac, but I can certainly understand why people enjoy using Android devices so much. As with any new piece of gadgetry, though, my thoughts soon turned to how I could ensure it stayed in tip-top condition for as long as possible. So it lives in a neoprene pouch… many of the protective plastic films are still attached… and I thought I’d better just take good care of the screen.

See, I don’t like screen protectors. My experience has always been that they degrade the quality of the display and, often, change the physical feel of the glass. Given that tablets are mostly controlled by touch, the feel is important. All of which means, when I was offered an SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Protector to review, I was a bit skeptical.

The SGP is a rigid surface – it feels like a thin sheet of glass rather than the flexible plastic films I’ve seen before. That does two things for me: it gives me confidence that it will actually protect the screen against scratches, and it makes it much easier to get it stuck to my tablet in the first place. So long as you line it up properly along one edge (reviews suggest lining it up with the tablet’s camera lens), you’re pretty much guaranteed that it will fit properly. I did have to move it ever so slightly as I was a couple of millimetres out and had left an annoying lip, but that was easily sorted.

Any air bubbles are dealt with by a plastic squeegee. You can just push them towards the edge of the screen and they’ll disappear. Any particularly large or troublesome bubbles can be eliminated by gently lifting the protector back off the screen, and carefully reapplying it. I didn’t need to remove the protector entirely to do this, just lifted it on one side and used the squeegee to ensure I got a good fix when letting it down again.

Dust… dust is the bane of my life when it comes to screen protectors or skins. What you get with the SGP is a couple of little stickers. If you do get dust underneath the protector, lift it up again with your fingernail, and use one of the stickers to remove the offending particle. Doing that with your finger, even if you’d just washed your hands, would leave a print on the underside that, believe me, would get annoying. So having these stickers, which don’t leave any marks, is a great idea.

If you’re still with me, we’ve now got the SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Protector installed, but what is it actually like?

First, the feel. There’s a slight dragging feeling at first – it’s hard to explain but just just feels slightly more difficult to swipe your finger over the protector than it does when it’s just the ‘naked’ screen. That has faded quickly, though, so I’m not sure if it was a case of there being some chemicals that needed to rub off, or my skin putting down some sort of coating, or whether I just got used to it. Whichever it is, it now feels no different to how it did before I installed the SGP. Using the Note’s stylus is also just as it was before.

On to my biggest complaint – degraded visuals. Well, and I’m almost disappointed to say this, the SGP is excellent in this regard. Honestly, you wouldn’t know there was anything on top of the screen – it all looks just as it did before. In fact, the only reason I know I have a screen protector at all is that I missed one speck of dust at the edge and haven’t bothered to remove it as it isn’t actually on the screen part.

The SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Protector comes in at a shade under £30 at the time of writing, and you might think, “It SHOULD perform well at that price!”. Maybe you’re right, but I’d say that’s a fair price to pay for protecting your screen with no noticeable downsides. My verdict? Highly recommended.

Thanks to GearZap for the opportunity to review the SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Protector. GearZap sell a range of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 accessories, as well as accessories for a number of other portable devices. 

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