Friday Fun: M.A.D.

Mutually Assured Destruction game screenshot. Missiles heading towards bases.

Mutually Assured Destruction. Sounds cheery, doesn’t it? Mutually Assured Destruction is actually the basis behind the UK (and other countries’) nuclear deterrent… the idea being, “You attack us, and we’ll attack you… nobody will win, we’llĀ both be wiped off the map”. That’s just mad (aha!).

It might seem like an odd title for a game, but that’s what this week’s Friday Fun is: Mutually Assured Destruction.

It’s a remake of the classic game Missile Command, with power-ups and special abilities, but at its core this is the same old-school arcade game we know and love. You might want to turn the sound down because, while the soundtrack is very grand, it is rather loud :)

–> Play MAD <–

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