Hollywood Road Warriors – who’s the baddest?

Have you ever noticed how the vehicles someone drives in a movie tells you something about their character? Whether it’s James Bond in his Aston Martin, bring chased by Alfa Romeos, or a daring heist being pulled off in cheeky-chappie Minis, the vehicles somehow contribute to the overall picture. Motorbikes are no different, and often lend their owners an air of ‘you don’t want to mess with me’.

With that in mind, the guys at Bike Bandit have put together an inforgraphic on Hollywood’s biggest ‘badass’ motorcyclists. See what you think:

Who is Hollywood's Biggest Biker Badass?

I’m wondering, which is your favourite out of these? Any surprises? I’m a little shocked at how old the Terminator’s bike looks nowadays, but it does still look like it (and he) means business. I have to say, though, Virgil Hilts’ Triumph TT Special is just gorgeous. Why not let us know your thoughts in the comments?

Biker Badass infographic courtesy of BikeBandit.com

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