Google+: The New Digital Business Platform for Success

This is a guest post by Samantha Vick. Samantha maintains over 50 Twitter and Facebook accounts daily. She loves her job and loves helping companies to maximize their business through tech trends and cloud computing solutions.

Social media illustrationAn entrepreneur has to take advantage of every opportunity to promote their company to potential customers. They must have the ability to market to a constantly changing customer base in order to grow. The more people a company can reach, the more growth they will experience. It’s time to dive into Google+, one of the most powerful tools for small businesses today. Read on to find out more about Google+ and how to add it to your Internet arsenal.

What is Google+?

Google+ is the evolution of Google Places. Google Places was a listing for businesses that had basic information like location, hours, phone number and so on. Hosting companies, like MyHosting VPS hosting, should be able to keep up the Internet, even with a high volume of social media output.

By listing your business on Google Places, you ensure your business is accurately represented on the web and your business would appear in Google Search and Google Maps Searches.

How to Start the Process of Using Google+

To begin the process you will need to set up an account with Google+. The process of setting up an account is an easy process. Many of the fields are already filled in so it is easier to finish filling out the profile. You will want to be as detailed as possible about the aspects of your business so it will be picked up by the search engines.

You will also want to use words to describe your business that are descriptive to the services you provide. Be unique when describing your business, so it comes up on top when a search is performed. You will also want to link to other profiles so there are many ways to find your business on the Internet.

The Power of Google+

Google+ was developed by Google as a way to connect with the social media sector (in addition to competing with Facebook). Over 135 million users have signed up for Google+. While not all of them may be regular users, it is still a big potential market for businesses to access.

Networking has helped bring businesses closer to the social sector by linking them together. Your business can now be seen in the social sector, allowing people to become more familiar with your services. You can target people locally and still reach people in other countries.

Google+ also gives business owners access to reviews from real people who have used their services. Your business will be able to change and adapt by the recommendations given by customers.

Google+ Tools Specifically for Businesses: Circles and Hangouts

Google+ is for everyone, but some features are solely for business. One of those is limited visibility. When you create a post, you can now label it as “restricted” to limit the visibility to those inside your business and can’t be re-shared with anyone on the outside. Administrators can set up company-wide sharing defaults for posts and Hangouts. Hangouts are a form of video chats that enable both one-on-one chats and group chats with up to 10 people at a time. Users can now attach Hangouts to Google Calendar events; this enables attendees to join a Hangout directly from the Calendar entry or original invite.

Do you use Google+? Do you find it useful? Why not share your experience in the comments.

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