What’s your gaming setup?

Slimline Xbox 360 Elite - 250Gb

Just a quick question today – if you play video games, what’s your setup? I’ve just started playing StarCraft II and it’s got me thinking about how I’m sort of spreading across multiple platforms for my gaming:

  • I play a lot of games on my iPhone, and my Android tablet
  • Most of the games I own (and play) are on the Xbox 360
  • I also play games on my iMac, whether in Mac OS X (yes, I know) or by booting into Windows 7.

I guess I’ve ended up spreading out because I enjoy gaming on the move, enjoy being able to plonk a disc into a machine and knowing it’ll work, and enjoy games that just aren’t available on consoles or mobiles. Is that normal?

So, yes, I’m wondering – how do you play games? Are you a mobile gamer? Console? Dekstop (and is that PC or Mac?). Do you have any tips for “slimming down” the number of devices people use for gaming? Why not share your thoughts in the comments?

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