Drawing on Water

Holding expensive tech over a fish tank - ooer. When I first heard that “creative technologist” Daniel Kupfer had done something that had never been done before, drawn on water, I was a bit doubtful. After all, we’ve created some great pictures using marbling paint and water before with the children. I wondered what was going to be so clever about Daniel’s project.

Well, it is actually pretty smart. Daniel has taken 400 submerged pumps, and used them to disturb the surface of a water tank to create water “pixels”. Then, by drawing on a Samsung Galaxy Note II, the individual pumps fire to recreate the drawing in water droplets. Have a look at the YouTube video below to find out how it’s done, and to see the effect:

There are several points during the video where I think, “Aaah! Electronics and water!”, most notably when Daniel is leaning over the tank holding his Note, but that’s just me worrying because I know I have a tendency to drop things! The vision and execution of the project is really clever, not to mention the engineering required to make it happen.

As a showcase for the Galaxy Note, it’s genius. When you see the Note in the shops now, one of the things that comes to mind will be this video and, no doubt, you’ll at least decide to go and take a second look at it. I haven’t played with the Note II, but I do have a Note 10.1 tablet, and can say that’s a great piece of kit. If the Note II is anything like it’s larger brother, it’s well worth a look too.

Find Samsung Galaxy Note II on Amazon.co.uk, or on the official Samsung website.

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