[Review] Hama Defender Camera Lens Case

Oh how I wish I’d had something like this the day I dropped my lens…

Hama Defender Lens CaseLet me tell you a story. I took my children out for a trip to the local animal park recently (The Scottish Deer Centre, if you’re interested), and thought I’d take my DSLR camera along to snap some photos. I wanted to take both my wide-angle and zoom lens, but I didn’t want to take my larger camera bag. My cunning plan was to put whichever lens I wasn’t using at any given moment into my jacket pocket.
Big mistake. We arrived at the Deer Centre, I promptly forgot the lens was in my jacket, and wasn’t careful enough putting it on. The lens fell out and clattered on the ground.
The children thought it was quite funny. I didn’t.
I’ve looked at lens cases in the past, and always dismissed them as something I didn’t need. I’ll tell you, I wish I’d had one that day. When the guys at LoveCases asked me to pick a product to review, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to see whether a lens case would be useful or not. They sent me the Hama Defender Lens Case (Large) to try out.
The first thing that occurred to me is that I certainly wouldn’t forget I had a lens with me any more! The case lives up to it’s “large” description, and means that I wouldn’t be putting it in my pocket any time soon. My Canon 55-250mm lens is a bit dwarfed in this beast, but it is well protected. The padded sidewalls had a fleecy covering that won’t scratch your equipment, and an adjustable “plug” means you can change the length of the main compartment to suit the length of your lens.
The case is opened with a double zip, and there’s a fold-over flap that covers the zip when you’re not using it. This is great, as it means it’s much less likely that any water will find its way through the zip should you get caught in bad weather. Speaking of which, the case’s outer skin is composed of a water-resistant fabric. I’m not sure that it would protect your lens if you stayed out in the rain for a long time, but it’s better than nothing and should help in a shower (of rain, that is… I don’t recommend you bathe with your photographic equipment). The bottom of the case is also rubberised, so you should be fairly confident that you can put it down somewhere while you take a photo, without coming back to a soggy bottom (again, talking about the case here… not you!).
There’s no doubt in my mind that the Defender Lens Case offers a good degree of protection – and I do wish I’d had something like this that day I dropped my lens! I will say that, if you have space, you’re usually better carrying your lenses in your camera bag. After all, why carry extra bags around if you don’t have to? But if you find you can’t fit a lens in your main bag, or just don’t want to take it out on any given day, the Hama Defender looks like a good choice to keep your precious spare lens protected.
Thanks to LoveCases for the review unit. LoveCases is a sister company of Mobile Fun, who are now featuring a range of iPod Touch 5G Cases.