Windows 8 – fast & fun… and slidey, apparently

Windows 8 is well and truly upon us. If you tried out the Consumer Preview, you got a sneak peak of what was going to be available from the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s flagship software title. Well, Microsoft want to keep themselves firmly in the front of your mind, so they have set up an installation at Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, UK, that’s a little bit different.

See, the message Microsoft want you to get about Windows 8 is that it’s “fast and fun”, so they started thinking about what else would fit that bill and came up with the idea of replacing the stairs at a shopping centre with a big playground-style slide. Surely that would be faster and more fun than walking down some boring old steps?

Windows branded playground slide at Bluewater Shopping Centre

OK, so you can see that they haven’t actually removed the other means of getting between floors because, to be honest, old auntie Ethel isn’t likely to want to go down the slide, but they have created something memorable that will, hopefully, make you think positively about Microsoft, and Windows 8 in particular. Shoppers who take the slide will have their photo shown on electronic billboards around the centre, will be given a printed photo, and will be able to receive an electronic copy send to their mobile phone.

If you’re in the area, the slide will be there until Sunday evening (4th November). I happen to be “down South” this weekend, so will be heading along on Saturday evening for a shot…

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