Black Mesa Source – coming soon

Waaaay back in December 2008 I wrote an article about something that had me excited: the original Half-Life game was being given a makeover by fans using the more up-to-date Source graphics engine. Half-Life was a watershed in my gaming experience, and the possibility of playing it again, with modern graphics, was positively mouth watering.

…and then it all went quiet. There were no obvious updates to the Black Mesa project’s website, and I thought it had come to a quiet end without ever seeing the light of day.

A countdown recently appeared on the Black Mesa site, however, and at the time of writing this has 9 days 17 hours to go. ‘Till what? Why, the release of the Black Mesa mod, of course. This will be a free download, and requires Valve’s Source ¬†SDK to run. Luckily, Source is also free, so the only investment you’ll have to make is the time to download and install the SDK and mod.

I’m excited again… how about you?

For more information, check out the Black Mesa website.

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