5 amazing things to do on your iPad

This is a guest post written by Simon Butler, owner of Rental Tablets, which rents iPads to trade shows, exhibitions and corporate events.

So you’ve bought the iPad, downloaded angry bids, loaded up all your music and installed the usual social networking apps like twitter and facebook. Fancy doing something truly unique with your iPad that will make all the other iPad users envious?

In this post I will highlight 5 unique and amazing things to do on your iPad.

Control robots

Rover tank, controlled via iPadWhen robots start to provide footage and other visuals back to the controller, it makes sense to use a pre-existing device like the iPad to act as the remote to display the footage and control the robot. That’s exactly what the Rover Wireless Spy Tank does, it even captures night vision so you can use it at night. Because it uses wifi technology it’s able to work up to a range of 200m. The Rover retails for £99, all you have to do is download the free app and set it up to use your robot and away you go.

If you want a bit more control over your robots and want to spend your weekends tinkering away a little bit more, you can build your own robots with Lego’s Mindstorm kit. You can even build a collection to interact with each other. You can build your own little army and control them using the free iPad app.

Build a budget prompter

If you like creating video presentations for Youtube and other online video sites, this will come in real handy. For a professional feel to your videos without stuttering and better transitions, it’s best to use a teleprompter. Normally professional teleprompters are expensive. But thanks to iPad and Android tablets, the technology is now accessible for all. With Teleprompter 2000 for Android and Teleprompt+ for iOS you can important text files and set up your own teleprompter rig for cheap. There are loads of cheap reflector systems on eBay for less than £100 which you can use for professional quality recordings. Failing that you could just use the iPad front facing camera with the app and have a pretty good teleprompter for the best part of £11.

Create a 3D model of your head.

This is perhaps one of the most narcissistic things you can do on your iPad. It’s up there with naming all your children after you or putting mirrors on your bedroom ceiling. With the Sculpteo app you can take a snapshot of your face taken from the side and create a vase out of the outline of your face.

It costs a couple of hundred dollars to get it made but it’s worth downloading the app just to have a peek. The vase are actually printed using 3D printers rather than crafted on a pottery wheel.

I suspect in a few years time when 3D printers are more affordable we’ll see more companies propping up offering some pretty interesting creations.

Turn your iPad into a car stereo system

If your car came with a substandard audio system which you’re tired of, and fancy a bit of an upgrade. Why not mount your iPad next to your centre unit. RAM mount have a range of floor mounting kits for iPad which are surprisingly stable. Connect your iPad with the audio jack connector to the line in. Or USB connection if the car supports iOS connections.

For retro effect you can download the BeatBlaster app for a hi-fi system look. While you’re at it, why not try out an iPad satnav solution which will allow you to view the road on a screen twice as big as an ordinary app at a fraction of the price. Hint: TomTom is more expensive and goes on its brand appeal, but CoPilot is cheaper and better.

Express your artistic flair

Digital art is catching up and starting to gain the same recognition as traditional painted art. British artist David Hockney creates art pieces using modern technology including clever setups with Polaroids, digital cameras and painting directly onto the iPad. So, why not take a stab at creating your own art pieces? Hockney uses the iPad with an app called Brushes to create his pieces. You can get Brushes for £5.49 in the US, or on a “freemium” model in the UK. Although you can paint with your fingers for the best effect it’s best to get an iPad compatible paintbrush which can work with the screen of your iPad/Android like the Nomad Capacitive Brush.

These are five things I’ve come up with, why don’t you share your own? Having an interesting iPad application that you want to share with the world? Write in the comments below.

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