Hama 110 Colt Syscase DSLR Bag [Review]

Hama 110 Colt Syscase camera bagBack in February, LoveCases asked me to review the Hama Rexton 170 DSLR Camera Bag. In that review, I mentioned that my usual bag was something much larger, but that it was handy to be able to call on a smaller bag when the occasion called for it (i.e. when I didn’t want to lug all my kit around with me).

Well, LoveCases have sent me another bag to review, and it’s even smaller again. This time it’s the Hama 110 Colt Syscase.

I’m using this with a Canon EOS 1000D, which has now been superceded by the 1100D. They’re the same size, though, so if it works with my camera, the Hama 100 will do as a Canon 1100D case as well. So, how does it perform?

The fact is, this is a very small, snug case. It comes with a padded divider but I found no use for that. With the divider in place, I couldn’t fit the camera’s body in the case. I could fit a couple of lenses in there, but it seems to me that there would be little point in using a case like this just to transport lenses around. If I wanted to carry a couple of lenses I would use a larger bag (I seem to be building quite a collection of DSLR camera bags at the moment). So I took the divider out and used the case without.

That makes enough room to stick a camera in with the lens attached. Not a huge lens, admittedly – I struggled to fit a 250mm lens in, but it was fine with the 18-55mm kit lens my camera originally came with. There’s also a small pocket on the front of the bag for you to slip a couple of extra memory cards, maybe a battery and a cloth in… and that’s it.

You might be thinking it all sounds very basic. It is – but I think that’s the point. This is a relatively cheap bag for those times when all you want to do is head out with your basic kit and make sure it’s at least a little protected. If you need to put your camera down, for instance, you’ll most likely feel much happier doing it in a padded bag than just plonking it down on the ground. And while you could just wear your camera on your shoulder using it’s strap, you’ll be a little less worried should you get caught in a rain shower with a bag than without.

Having said that, it’s important to note that the bag is not listed as being waterproof, so don’t expect it to keep everything safe in a downpour. It is small enough, though, to slip inside your jacket, so maybe that’s not a concern!

The Hama 110 is a great little bag for those times you don’t need to take much with you. It’s comfortable to wear, and offers that extra bit of protection over choosing to forego a bag altogether. At the time of writing is is priced at £14.95. Check it out on LoveCases.co.uk.

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