Get your Qwertee t-shirt discount code

I’m a big fan of the various printed t-shirt sites out there, and one of the more local (to me) ones is Qwertee. Qwertee are based in the Republic of Ireland and serve up a great mix of geeky, funny, and just plain cool t-shirts on a regular basis.

As a wee treat for Geek-Speak readers, Qwertee have set up a discount code that will give you 50p or 50c off purchases made during August. Just enter “Geek-Speak-Qwertee” as a discount code during the checkout process to get your money off.

Now go and have a look at the site, and keep checking back! The designs change daily, and aren’t available for long… you don’t want to miss that one design that suits your style to the ground just because you forgot to check in!

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