Friday Fun: Command & Conquer Alliances

Command & Conquer game - view of a base

You know, I used to love playing Dune 2 on the PC. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? It was a realtime strategy game based on the Dune books – and the forerunner of the entire top-down realtime strategy genre. Seriously, Dune 2 is where it all started before the developers, Westwood Studios, went on to make Command & Conquer.

You can still get your hands on plenty of Command & Conquer games, but if you’re after a bit of in-browser gaming there’s a version for that too: Command & Conquer Alliances.

You’ll play against other people, or form alliances with them and, while it lacks some of the flair of the realtime games, it’s still fun to play. You won’t be building an army of Mammoth Tanks and rushing a NOD base, but there’s plenty here to keep C&C fans happy.

One word of warning, this is not a quick game. There’s every chance you’ll keep coming back for a long time.

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